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December 11, 2003

Give Christmas-Epiphany Gifts

which will be truly in the spirit of this holy season! Not superficial materialistic trinkets, but worthwhile gifts of lasting spiritual value!


Beautiful Gregorian & Traditional Hymns by St. Konrad's Friary
Choir of Traditional Catholic Seminarians

VeniEmmanuel.jpg (43872 bytes)

Hymns for the Seasons of Advent and Christmas

   CD or Audiotape: $10
Daily Advent Devotions & December Novenas
(including the Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Guadalupe)


Daily Devotions for the Christmas-Epiphany Season

$ 4.95

AveMaris.jpg (44498 bytes)

Timeless Classics in honor of the Immaculate Mother of God

   CD or Audiotape: $10
Adoremus.jpg (53511 bytes)

The inspiring strains of the sorrowful hymns of the Passion of the Immaculate Lamb of God

   CD or Audiotape: $10
  Kripanna: the International Exposition of Nativity Scenes (25.95)
  High Mass & Sermon: Christmas (27.95)
  High Mass & Sermon: Epiphany (27.95)
  Becket: St. Thomas of Canterbury (29.95)
  Christmas: We are the Children of a Promise (12.95)
  Christmas Sermon: Unless Ye Become as Little Children - vol. set - (19.95)
  The Blessed Eucharist by Mueller (12.00)
  The Glories of Mary by Liguori (23.00)
  Spiritual Combat by Scupoli (13.50)
  The Sinner’s Guide (16.50)
  The Holy Bible: Douay-Rheims (55.00)
  The Fourteen Holy Helpers (8.50)
  The Secret of Mary (6.50)
  Life of St. Francis of Assisi (13.00)
  Incarnation, Birth & Infancy of Jesus Christ by Liguori (15.00)
  The Love of Eternal Wisdom (9.50)
Childrens’ Books:  
  Child’s Bible History (8.50)
  Patron Saint of First Communicants (10.00)
  Saint Hyacinth by Windeatt (15.00)
  St. Louis Marie de Montfort (5.95)
  Coloring Book: Our Lady of Fatima (5.50)
  The Miraculous Medal by Windeatt (11.00)
  That Wonderful Night (4.95)

Dear Fathers, Brothers, & Sisters,

        Realizing that you are having great difficulty in providing food & housing for yourselves & your mission students, I am enclosing my sacrificial offering of $_______ in honor of the Christ Child and His holy Mother. Please remember me in your prayers for your benefactors during the Epiphany Season and throughout the coming year.

Be sure to include your name and address below!
May Our Lady reward your charity!

To order, please print this page and mark your selections.
Then fill in your name and address, and mail to the address below with your donation.

Allow 3-4 weeks for processing and delivery.

All "prices" listed are  suggested minimum donations. Please add a donation sufficient for handling and postage. Your donations help support our Religious and their apostolic work for souls.
May Jesus and Mary reward you in time and in eternity.

Dear Father,
     Praised be Jesus and Mary, now and forever!
Please send me the books, literature, videos, audiotapes, or compact discs (specify), indicated above, as a source of grace and incentive to true Christian living.
Name:_________________________________________            Donation enclosed:$___________
Address:_______________________________________          Postage & Handling:$___________

For Our Lady's Apostolate:$_________

Zip:_________E-mail:_____________________________ For the Monthly Bulletin**$_________   
** Salve Maria Regina Fatima Crusader Bulletin Total donation enclosed:$_________

Order from:
mail.gif (4196 bytes)

The Marylike Crusade
P.O. Box 4882, Portland, Oregon 97208

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