(from  page 301; "VIRGINIA HISTORICAL GENEALOGIES", by Boddie)

Col. John Flood (ca 1595-1658), of James City and Surry Counties, Va., arrived in 1610.  In the "Muster Rolls, of Settlers in Virginia, 1624/5" is; "The MUSTER of John Fludd:  John Fludd arrived in the 'Swan' 1610, Margaret, his wife, in the 'Supply' 1620.  Frances Finch, her daughter, in the 'Supply' 1620, William Fludd, his son, aged 3 weeks".  John Flood was living in Charles City in 1616 and at "Jordan's Journey" in 1625; in 1638 he patented land and settled in James City County just across the river from Jamestown in the section which in 1652 became Surry County.

The above mentioned patent, dated May 12, 1638, was issued to "John Fludd, Gent," and was for 2100 acres "E. upon land of Capt. Henry Browne, N. upon the maine river, S. into the maine woods & W. upon Benjamine Harrisons marked trees being upon the W. side of Sunken Marsh Cr.", for transportation of 42 person.  On June 7, 1650, "Capt. John Flood, Gent." surrendered this patent and was given another of 1100 acres "on S. side the river, bounded S.E.S. upon land of Capt. Henry Browne, N.W. by N. upon land of Mr. Charles Foord and Richard Baven."  Among his headrights were listed: John Flood, an Ancient Planter, Margt., his wife, Frances Finch her daughter, John Flood, Junr., Eliza. Browne, John Lawrence, John Wright, Wm. Wood, and others. ("Cavaliers and Pioneers", pages 86 and 194).

On Jan 16, 1643/4, John Flood witnessed the will of Capt. Thomas Pawlett (owner of Westover) who left one silver spoon and one sow shote apiece to his godchildren, Wm. Harris, John Woodson, Tho. Aston, Thomas Fludd, Henry Richley, John Bishop, Tho. Woodward, Tho. Boyse, Tho. Poythers, and William Bayle. ("Title of Westover", by Dr. Lyon G. Tyler, in Wm & Mary Qrtly, Vol 4, p 151).

The Grand Assembly held at James City October 5, 1646, enacted - "That upon any occasion of message to the Gov'r. or trade, the said Necotowance and his people the Indians doe repair to fforte Henery alias Appmattucke fforte, or to the house of Capt. John ffloud, and to no other place or places of the south side of the river, att which places the aforesayd badges of striped stuffe are to be and remaine." ***"Be it also inacted that Capt. John ffloud be interpreter for the collony, and that for his service therein and transporting such Indians as shall be employed from time to time to the Gov'r. In message or otherwise, he is to be allowed from the publique the salarey of four thousand pounds of tob'o yeerly."

The Grand Assembly held at James City July 5, 1653, ordered - "And the commissioners of York are required that such persons as are seated upon the land of Pamunkey or Chickahominy Indians be removed according to a late act of Assembly made to that purpose, and Coll. John Fludd to go to Tottopottomoy to exam the preceedings of business and to deliver it upon his oath."

John Flood was only a boy when he came to Virginia but he was active and energetic and rose to high honors.  He was Burgess for Flowerdieu Hundred in 1630, for Westover, Flowerdewe in September 1632; he was one of the Burgesses for James City County in 1643, 1645, and 1654.  He was Captain in 1643 (and probably earlier), Lieutenant-Colonel in 1652, and Colonel in 1653.  At his death in 1658, he was Chairman of the Surry County Commission which held Court and administered the affairs of the county; the other commissioners at that time were Lt. Col. Thomas Swann, Capt. George Jordan, Capt. Benjamin Sidway, Mr. George Stephens, Mr. Thomas Warren and Mr. James Mason.  He was also Speaker of the House of Burgesses in 1652. (5 V. 185)

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