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Anton Cetín -- Visit these pages that tell about Anton, his art and his life.  Three of his lithographs are for sale.  See why these would be a wonderful, beautiful addition to any collection.

My Poems and Prose are words I have written over the last ... let's see 1961 ... I have to have a calculator to figure how many years I've accumulated prose poems and poem in prose.  

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Flower Bees

Palm Grove in Qumran

The Sea Mosque at Jaffa Beloved Tough Flowers and Bees The Palm Grove

I took this picture during the Dallas Symphony Chorus' tour to Israel in 1996.  It's one of my favorite pictures and even got published -- well sort of.

July 7, 1994 - March 22, 2005


This picture was taken in a display garden during the rain.  If you click to get the big image you can see bumble bees hiding on the undersides of the flowers to escape the rain.   Another Israel picture taken on the way to the Dead Sea.  The stand of date palms against the honey beige of the Qumran Desert was just beautiful.  Not a bad image realizing it was taken through a window while I was on a bus traveling 65 mph.
Click here to view large image. Click here to view large image. Click here to view large image.  Carnegie -- Click on the image for a larger one
Black Swans at Fossil Rim Filling Station at Glen Rose Me and the Boys  Carnegie Hall
Aren't they beautiful.  The picture looks almost the same upside down.  There are many kinds of animals at Fossil Rim.  It was fun to stay in a camper and walk around the park.   It rained so much though that all the dinosaur tracks were covered. Such an unusual building.  Constructed with bricks, rocks, stone, quartz and such.  It is much more of a sculpture than a building.  It obviously started out as a filling station.   But who designed and built it, and where and how did they get the stones and quartz to fit in such harmony. There are actually three dogs, but you can really only see Tough.  My beautiful boys. Me at Carnegie Hall, April 2002.  Actually there were a just a few others from the Chorus singing as well. We sang Donizetti's Marino Faliero.  Always nice singing in Carnegie. 

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