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Hi Nana of Angels.  Welcome to your April gifts page for Elegant Angels F.U.N Pals.  I wanted to make you something special to put your gifts on.  So I made you this set.  It is yours to keep if you wish to.  You may leave it here and link to it or you may take it to your own site.  I hope that you like it.  I will be leaving your gifts here and I will let you know when I update the page.  You are a very special Angel and I hope to spoil you good this month. 
Velvet Rabbit, your Angel Pal  
Nana of Angels, I know you love children so I made you this globe with love. *s*
A little Easter gift for you.
Isn't she adorable!!  I just had to have her for you.
I Adopted this beautiful Easter Faerie just for you.  She is a limited edition.  She is all yours, sis
Sweets for my Sweet Angel Pal
There's lots more to come,so watch your e-mail *s*