Baby Animals

This project will allow first grade students to acquire information about baby animals.  It is intended to expand the first grade vocabulary by giving students the proper names of the animals.  It is also designed to allow the inquiring mind free access to the animal they want to learn about.  They will learn about a minimum of ten animals and their offspring.  The project involves creating and presenting orally their project in dual language mode because the class is instructed in dual language.  As a culminating activity the students will go on a field trip to a petting zoo.


Upon completion of this project, students will be able to:
A.  Name ten animals and the correct name for their offspring.
B.  Describe in dual language mode each animal and if it is domestic, wild, farm or a combination.
C.  Write about their ten animal babies in complete sentences.
D.  Describe what type of food their animal and its baby might consume


Florida Sunshine State Standards Grade 1 Language Arts  Grade Level Expectations
1.  Knows common words from within basic categories.
uses complete sentences in writing.
2.  Writes stories about experiences, people, objects, or events.

Florida Sunshine State Standards Grade 1 Science Grade Level Expectations
3. Understands that living things need food, water, space, and shelter to survive.
4. Knows how to classify things as living and nonliving.


There are four available computers in the classroom.  Time will be scheduled so as to allow for two students at a time to be on line.  While one is on line the other will serve as an assistant keeping the focus to the task by referring back to the plan. Once one is finished they will switch places allowing the other the opportunity to complete their portion of the plan. An Internet Safety Plan is in-place school-wide which will block any attempts to surf unwanted sites.  In addition computer use rules are posted next to each computer.  Behavior management is accomplished through an assertive discipline plan.
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