My garden is a hobby, which has become larger than I could ever have imagined. I live on a tract of 100 acres with my sister next door, then my brother, and another brother beside him. We are a tight, loving family and I often call on them for help. My brother-in-law is my computer helper, my youngest brother is the one I call for building things, electric and plumbing problems, and my oldest brother for major and minor problems. Both of them can do anything. My sister is my dog sitter when I leave home to visit my son in Las Vegas. Oddly enough, none of them is interested in my plants and probably thinks I am crazy.
      My farm consists of 25 acres and I use it for my love of plants. I started with 35 raised beds with approximately 200 different varieties of herbs as well as many everlastings and perennials. The next year I started growing and crafting gourds. I made baskets, birdhouses, vases, dolls, Santa's, and everything I could think of. After filling up a small building with finished gourds, and my hydroponic greenhouse with unfinished gourds, I started with daylilies, irises, and hostas. I now have 557 hostas, 465 irises, 81 Japanese irises, and 902 daylilies.
      I have over a dozen different beds in my yard and these beds have both daylilies and irises in them. I have another large bed 30'x 75' plus raised beds in a formal garden covering 50'x75'. All of my beds are numbered and I have one bed that I numbered $2000 as I figure that is what it cost me.
      I once did all the work myself, but a few years ago I had to have help and now have two people who come as needed.
      I enjoy the flowers, but as an extra reward, I have met so many wonderful people because of my garden. I never met a person I did not like who enjoys my garden. I have decided that flower growers and flower lovers are truly beautiful people.
     My thanks to many people who have helped and shared with me are too numerous to mention, but I especially thank Karen and Gary Brown, Ken and Patsy Trabuco, Charles and Dorothy Thurman (owners of Schmidt Farms), Pam Adams, Bill Crouch and of course, my family.
      Oh yes, there is My Baby, half Yorkie and half Maltese. She is a sweet and beautiful housedog.
       I sell many varieties of plants as well as gourds that I have painted, which make unique gifts. If you are interested in any of my plants or gourds please e-mail me for prices and availability.

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