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My name's Mary and this is my first attempt at building a web page.  It's a good thing I have some very nice friends that are willing to help. <g>  What you'll find here are some of the things I've written, either myself, or with a friend.

The pic is of my two favorite guys... Jim and Blair.

My stuff is 'gen', mainly because I haven't got the guts to actually write 'slash', however, don't despair because I'm hosting some stuff for Patt (stories) and Amy (pictures), that ARE slash. <g>

So sit back and relax.  Tour the site and let me know what you think.

Disclaimer:  The Sentinel does not belong to either Patt or Amy.  They most certainly don't belong to me either. <sigh>   Anything you see on these pages was done for the enjoyment of TS fans.  Absolutely NO money is being made from this.

SERIOUS WARNING:  While my stories are 'gen' in nature, please be advised that Patt writes what is commonly called 'slash'.  Her stories depict a loving relationship between 2 men.  If this is not your cup of tea, please look for your entertainment someplace else.

Amy, on the other hand, does these wonderful photo manipulations that depict the male form in all it's beauty.  Please note that this means some of them are nudes.

Mary's Stuff - Gen (at least so far.)

Patt's Stuff - Slash

Amy's Pics - Apologies...

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