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I hope you enjoy reading my Star Wars fanfic. I write mostly AU stories involving Han and Leia. Also, I need to thank Jedi-2B for all her help over the years!  All Star Wars characters belong to LFL and I am not making any money off this bizarre little hobby.


Thimblerig Gambit
Inspired by a Pirates of the Caribbean Challenge. Han and Mara both get the same cryptic message from a man claiming to be their father. - Humor   

Son of the Emperor
Han Solo is visited by a strange woman claiming to be his mother. - Humor   

Youthful Indiscretions
Han recruits Lando to help him locate an embarrassing item from his past, fearful that Leia won't marry him if she finds out about its existence - Adventure/Humor   

The Surreal Life
Han finds a bottle in the sand, and his life is forever changed - Humor   

Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse
Han and Leia go on a mission for the Rebellion, and Han gets in serious trouble with the locals - Humor   

Halloween Tale
It was a dark and stormy night when our four heroes stopped at a run-down hotel - Adventure   

A Star Wars Holiday Nightmare Before Festivus
Han Solo enters a strange cantina during Festivus. - Humor   

Ceremony of the Sith
An alternate view of what it means to be a Sith. - Horror   

Delusions of Grandeur
Han Solo has a little accident. - Humor   

Magician's Assistant
After ANH, Leia discovers a secret about Han, and tells the base gossip - Humor   

Mission to Mustafar
Han and Leia embark on a mission all parents dread. - Humor   

Leia decides to throw Han a surprise Life-day party, and things don't go as planned. - Humor/Drama   

Leia and Luke get a glimpse of Han Solo's true purpose in life.- Drama   

Exchanging Places
Luke and Han switch bodies... now Luke can't access the Force, but Han can! - Humor   

Bewitched and Bedeviled
Someone casts a strange spell on Han Solo - Humor   

Barhopping With The Emperor
Han Solo wakes up from carbonite. Boy, have things changed. - Humor   

Quality Time
Leia insists Han spend some bonding time with his sons - Humor   

A Festival to Remember
Han reveals a bit of his softer side during Holiday shopping with Leia. - Drama   

A Kiss is Still a Kiss
Lando accepts a bet from Wes - Humor   

Mara Laura Jade Gets Her Man
The Ageless Beauty finds her True Love - Humor   

The Big Thaw
Han and Leia have an unexpected adventure while scouting the ice planet of Hoth for a new rebel base. - Adventure   

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Galaxy
A strange little story co-written with Amidalachick - Humor   

A Dubious Sort of Date
Sometimes a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do, especially if his wife wants him to - Humor   

Name: Mary Sue (aka PonyTricks or GreatOne)


Perfect Pairs
Story co-written with Jedi-2B. Lando cons our favorite couples into appearing on his holo-thon - for a good cause, of course! - Humor    

The Death and Life of Han Solo - Part I
Believing Han died in a terrible accident, Leia becomes engaged to a man she doesn't love. - Drama    

The Death and Life of Han Solo - Part II
Leia and Luke try to bring Han back home from a strange world, while fearing they may become trapped there forever in the attempt - Drama    

Everything's Relative
Leia and Luke find out about Han's family when his brother arrives at the Rebel base. - Drama    

Endless Night Part I
After Han is rescued from carbonite, his vision does not return. Can he adjust to this life and accept Leia's unconditional love? - Drama    

Endless Night Part II
Even when he's blind, Han Solo learns his enemies still want revenge - Drama    

Blind Ambitions -- Part I
Sequel to Endless Night - Han is kidnapped by the new Empress to further her own agenda - Drama    

Blind Ambitions -- Part II
While the Empress has her own plans, a tabloid reporter tries to destroy Han and Leia's marriage - Drama    

Blind Ambitions -- Part III
Han struggles for his very life on the planet of Dathomir - Drama    

Will of the Force
Epilogue to Endless Night and Blind Ambitions - Drama    

Broken Circle
After President Organa-Solo is murdered, Han is left alone to raise his three children. - Drama    

The Experiment
Han Solo is captured by Emperor Palpatine during the evacuation of Hoth. - Drama    

The Experiment Part II
The conclusion of the Experiment. - Drama   

A Tale of a Fateful Trip
Just sit right back and you can read a tale, a tale of Star Wars castaways - Humor   

Separate Lives
When Leia chooses duty over love, a badly depressed Han is left to pick up the pieces of his life. - Drama    

Sands of Time
After Bespin, Han Solo's carbon frozen body is lost. 35 years later, someone finds him, but the galaxy has changed. - Drama   

How Han Solo Became a Hero
Han has his life story made into a holo-drama - sort of - Humor   

A Change of Heart
Han Solo never left the Imperial navy, and is stationed onboard the Death Star when a certain Princess is captured. Drama.   

A Kaleidoscope of Illusions
Han Solo is given the opportunity to fix his past mistakes. Will he make things better... or worse? - Drama   

Birthright Part I
Total AU of events following ANH. Vader captures Han and uses Han as bait to trap his son. - Drama   

Birthright Part II
Luke and the gang travel with Vader on a quest to locate someone important.   

Birthright Part III
Han meets up with Lando on Bespin and Mara Jade escapes - with Boba Fett's help.   

Birthright Part IV
The Skywalker family tries to stop traitors from destroying the Rebellion.   

Empire of Alderaan
Leia has an accident on Hoth, and wakes up in a very, very different place. - Humor   

Corellia's Child
After ROTJ, Leia gets married to someone other than Han. Can the Force bring our star-crossed lovers back together? - Drama   

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