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I hope you enjoy reading my Star Wars fanfic. I write mostly AU stories involving Han and Leia. Also, I need to thank Jedi-2B for all her help over the years!  All Star Wars characters belong to LFL and I am not making any money off this bizarre little hobby.


Going to the Chapel of Love
When Leia leaves for Hapes to supposedly marry Isolder, Han quickly rebounds with another woman. Will Leia arrive in time to prevent her true love from making the mistake of his life? - Humor   

Adventures in the Land of B'Ooz
Luke follows two droids into a small closet, and ends up in a strange and very odd place - Humor   

I'll Never Forgive That Heart
Little Viggie inspired by a Songfic Challenge - Humor   

Blue-Ghost Hunters, Intergalactic
Wes Janson convinces Han and Luke to help his relatives rid themselves of some pesky Blue-Ghosts. But since when do things go as planned? - Humor   

Relative Force, Part I
Sequel to 'Everything's Relative'- Drama   

Relative Force, Part II
Sequel to 'Everything's Relative' and 'Relative Force'- This was a very unpopular story. You've been warned. - Drama   

She Sees Dead People
Leia is having 'issues' and sees a therapist - Humor   

Lando gets more than he bargained for when he buys a new ship - Humor   

Pining Away
Leia finds a really bad poem that someone wrote about her - Humor   

Leia Cooks
Viggie response to a 'challenge' - Humor   

The Dead Jedi Society
A harried Mara finally snaps - Humor   

Blue Milk and Mouse Droids
A response to a challenge using *drum roll* blue milk and mouse droids! - Humor   

Grave Plots
Sometimes the people you are closest to are not who you think they are - Horror   

Name: Mary Sue (aka PonyTricks or GreatOne)


Siren's Song - Part I
Set right before ANH. AU. After a Rebel woman forces Han Solo to take her to Alderaan, his life takes a series of strange twists as he is introduced to her family members - Drama    

Siren's Song - Part II
Now deeply involved with the Rebellion, Han is forced to confront Darth Vader, and must prevent the woman he loves from falling to the dark side - Drama    

Act of Mercy
Takes place after the events of 'Sacrifice'. Jacen convinces Han he has given up the ways of the Sith, and goes with Han and Allana to a strange planet to escape the wrath of the galaxy and bounty hunters - Drama    

Secret Gifts
Shortly after RoTJ, Han is kidnapped by an Imperial doctor as he lay dying in a hospital from the long-term effects of carbonite - Drama    

Viggie about Han's rescue of Luke out in the snowfields of Hoth - Drama    

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place
This is an unbetaed ADULTS ONLY story! Rated NC-17 - DO NOT READ THIS if you are under 18 years old! Han and Leia crash land on a war-torn planet with bizarre and embarrassing customs. - Drama    

Evil Dynasty
This was my first feeble attempt at fanfic and it is unbetaed. It is very dark story involving both Luke and Leia turning to the darkside. - Drama    

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