Welcome to Mommy's Adopted Items. I'm very proud to display all the cute little graphic adoptions below. These are all graphics that I applied to receive, and therefore -- I chose them! :) Some of the adoptions appear on themed pages (My 9/11 Memorial Site, for example), and on this page as well. I'm still currently scouring the net for new adoptables, and I've applied for like a trillion (no, really...)! This is a new page, so I do apologize for any little inconveniences or mishaps. If you have any comments, sign my guest book. If you have questions, E-MAIL me! :) Thanks for stopping by to see who and what I've adopted so far! (:

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so cute






presented to Momma & Austin's World on 6/18/02FROM HONEYBROOK GRAPHICS :)

Momma & Austin love Canada!! Our neighbors! <3

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