Translations of Koran

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Understanding Islam

Quranic Teachings



English Translations of Quran


A. Momin - Interpretation of Koran  

G. A. Parvez - Exposition of Quran

M. Asad - The Message of the Quran

Moiz Amjad - Translation of the Quran

M. Ahmad - Koran Translation

Dr. Shabbir - Quran as it explains itself

Quranic Teachings – Exposition of Quran


Translations of Quran in Other Languages

Chinese - 古蘭經


Spanish - El Significado del Generoso Qur'an

Urdu - مفہوم القرآن


Urdu - مفہوم القرآن



Tafseer on Quran

(It should be noted that Quran itself is its own tafseer. These are the practicalities of Quran by Muslims Scholars in their respective times according to their understandings).



تفسير الكشاف للزمخشري



Syed Qutb - In the Shade of Quran by Syed Qutb  


An article explaining the (misconception) of mistakes in Quran


Other Links


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