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Asad Iqbal



To be associated with a team of professionals


Desired Job Type:

I.T. professional

Desired Status:

Full-time, part-time

Site Location:

No Preference

Description of my 'perfect' job:
Lotus Domino/Notes Administrator
LAN/Wan Engineer
Network Administrator
I.T. Manager
Desktop/End User Support Specialist
Infra structure Support and Management
Local Administration for remote locations
Installation or support regarding networks/Desktop applications
 or any suitable job in Communication, Networks, Administration or Support management

Career Level:

Mid Career (4+ years of experience)

Date of Availability:

From 1 month to immediate as required




Bachelor of Computer Sciences (BCS)

Pakistan-Bahaudin Zakaria University-Multan

Bachelors Degree

Bachelors degree with a Solid knowledge of Networks, databases, computer architecture, System Analysis and Design and many more including practical projects.


Lotus CLP Principal Administrator (PCLP)
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) – Exchange 2000 Server
Certified Information Systems Security Specialist (CISSP)



07/2003 – To Date

Star Vision L.L.C.



IT Systems Administrator

Analyzing user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate processing or to improve existing computer systems by performing the following duties.

·         Write detailed description of user needs, system based functions, and steps required to develop or modify them.

·         Prepare workflow charts and diagrams to specify in detail operations to be performed by equipment and computer programs and operations to be performed by personnel in system.

·         Conduct maintenance of Existing IT Systems. This includes periodic maintenance and performance monitoring of systems, Backup & Disaster Recovery activities, and Hardware & Software problems of users

·         Upgrade system and corrects errors to maintain system after implementation.

·         Directs and coordinate work of others to test, install, and maintain IT systems

·         Carry out installation of applications, User Management, File management, Security management for all system in the organization. This includes providing support to users during trouble shooting/ connectivity/configuration

·         Assess IT training needs as and when required

·         Conduct training and development of IT Skills such as Office & business specific applications for all company staff. This includes design & development of study materials, manuals, other materials specific to training plans and delivery of training

·         Evaluate staff performance on an ongoing basis

·         Perform research, implementation and development of New Technologies in line with the IT expansion plans which add value to business services

·         Develop own skills to understand current business critical applications to support users in working with custom developed systems

·         Maintain & update Intranet, Extranet & Websites with regard to content management in co-ordination with related departments

·         Prepare status reports as required

·         Other IT related activities assigned from time to time.


03/2003 – 07/2003

ebos AG Germany


Systems Administrator

·         IT Infrastructure Planning and Installation Project Management for Pakistan office -  ebos (Pvt) Ltd

·         Lotus Domino Server Administration

·         Proposed infrastructure planning for new Clients

10/2001 – 02/2003

Acrologix (Pvt) Ltd.


Lotus Notes Administrator

·         Administration of Lotus Domino Servers within the organization

·         Installation/initial Administration and remote management and support of new Lotus notes/Domino networks for Corporate Clients including multinational companies

·         Performing day to day maintenance tasks

·         Providing Support for Application Development/Deployment at client sites.

·         Windows 2000 Based Network Administration

·         Network Analysis and Designing for Corporate Clients and up-gradation of existing company Networks

·         Lotus Domino/Notes End user and Administration Training

·         Lotus QuickPlace Deployment and Customization

·         End-user training for Lotus QuickPlace

·         Customization of Notes Environment to meet client needs


Cityline International U.A.E.
• Successfully established a Domino based messaging and Application infrastructure for company users in 8 countries

• Company-wide End user training for Lotus Notes and QuickPlace

• Successful completion of Windows 2000 Based Network Upgrading from windows NT and Installation of Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and WINS

BeaconHouse Informatics School System:
• Designing and implementation of Domino infrastructure at head office with 2 remote Locations, which will expand to 200+ secondary servers.

• Administration Training for Beaconhouse Team.


11/1999 – 10/2000

SBS Computers


Customer support Manager/Network Engineer

Managed a team of field/lab engineers responsible for providing customer   support regarding different types of Computer hardware promptly including IBM Netfinity servers ranging from 3000 to 7100 Series, as well as other client side applications and networking issues.
Served in National/Multi-National Banks /organizations as resident Engineer to solve and manage their problems regarding Networks (Windows NT, Novell NetWare), client side applications, remote connection to AS/400 systems using SNA and HostFront and all sort of hardware/software problems. These organizations include:
Muslim Commercial bank (all over a province)
Provided support for about 150 IBM Netfinity 3000 Series servers all over Punjab.

Civil Aviation Authority
IBM PCs installation for Civil Aviation Authority at control tower of Chaklala Airbase Islamabad.

Investment Corporation of Pakistan
Installed a network of 10 terminals using Windows NT as PDC with windows 98 as client. Also performed UTP Cabling.

Pakistan Oil Refinery Company (PARCO)
Installed Windows 2000 Advanced Servers on Netfinity 7100 series platform.

Standard Chartered Bank (all over a province)
Permanently Deputed at STANDARD CHARTERED BANK as Network/Support engineer, responsible for providing complete client end support and Network Maintenance which in brief included:

·         Initial PC Hardware support/Problem Diagnostics

·         Service Line Logging/Call Logging maintenance

·         Operating system troubleshooting/Configuration

·         Network connectivity configuration/troubleshooting

·         Client end application issues briefly including MS-Office, and signature retrieval/capture software.

·         Lotus Notes connectivity/client configuration for LAN based or Dialup access to local or remote Lotus Domino Servers.

·         Printing issues for local, shared and Network (TCP/IP or IPX Based) access to different types of printers.

·         Antivirus Installation, automatic patch distribution and maintenance through server based client administration software.

·         Maintenance of structured cabling for network availability as well as voice connectivity to PABX and direct lines.

·         Shifting of Extensions/Direct lines to alternate user locations through patch panel upon.

·         Connectivity of new telephone lines from Distribution boards to patch panels and then to user locations/Transfer output boxes.

·         Desktop standardization and security.

·         Monitoring of Local Network for Utilization/Load as well as other problems, which may hamper normal and smooth operation.

·         Performing Daily Backups for servers.

·         Inventory management.

·         To monitor the SNA servers for availability

·         To monitor Lotus Notes for email Traffic

·         To perform Server House keeping

·         To perform Quarterly Servicing for all Communication equipments provided by SBS Computers.

·         Status reporting to bank’s main Data center

  • Providing support to 2 remote sites support engineers.




11/2000 – 10/2001

Standard Chartered bank



Remote Branch Administrator


In appreciation to excellence Standard Chartered Bank hired me on contract basis for Looking after Lahore Region.

Attended In house Training on Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery by experts from Singapore Regional Office

After being appointed by the bank, I also performed the following in association to my above mentioned duties:

·         IBM Netfinity 5000 and 5500 Server Preparation, Rack installation

·         RAID Configuration for Netfinity 5000,5500, 7100 Series servers

·         Windows NT Server installation as a member as well as PDC.

·         DHCP Server Installation and shifting of all terminals from static IP to DHCP in and Windows NT based network.

·         WINS and DNS installation

·         Lotus Domino R4, R5 Installation as secondary server.

·         Client side Up-gradation for Lotus Notes ensuring smooth cutover

·         Novell Netware Server installation and configuration as application server and Client Administration server.

·         Microsoft SNA Server Administration and Medium Level Configuration

·         HOSTFRONT Client Access software installation and configuration with Microsoft SNA Server

·         Internet Information Server installation and configuration of http services with HOSTFRONT in order to provide web based access for AS/400 to end-users.

·         NetWare/NT Server Administration as well as management of physically installed Network Devices including CABELTRON 6000 series switches.

·         Managed a WAN Based on CISCO ROUTERS including 2500 (2509), 2600 and 4000 (4500) series routers, used for WAN and ATM connectivity.

·         Installation and configuration of VSAT modem.

·         Configuration and installation of new ENCRYPTERS with routers to be used on WAN links.

·         Complete Configuration and installation of Radio Modems in order to establish radio links in between different branches.

·         Performed Initial/Medium level configurations for different network/communication devices

·         Advanced level Network Administration Including Network Traffic monitoring, filtration, packet capturing and analysis.

·         Configured the first off-site ATM (Automatic teller Machine) for Standard Chartered Bank in Punjab. This Configuration included machine specific configuration as well as its connectivity with the bank’s main AS/400 initially by Digital Cross Connect Circuit (Leased line) having Dialup as backup and then switching it to TDMA.


10/1998 - 10/1999

PETROMAN - Ministry of Computer Institutes Network


Lab Administrator

Managed/Installed a LAN of 80 Workstations using Novell NetWare 3.x, 4.x, Windows NT and more that 800 users in different intervals
Also Build a local Intranet using Microsoft Proxy Server and Windows NT



1/1998 - 10/1998

Oxford Computer College


Lab Administrator

Managed/Installed a LAN of 40 Workstations using Novell NetWare and Windows NT



Skill Name

Skill Level

Last Used


Novell NetWare Installation/Administration


Currently used

5 years

Administration & configuration of Lotus Notes


Currently used

4 years


Lotus QuickPlace Installation and Customization


Currently used

1 year

Administration/Installation of windows NT/2000 Networks


Currently used

3 years

Installation of different types of Network cables


6 Months ago

5 years

Configuration/Diagnostics Netfinity Servers 3000/5000, 5500 and 7100


Currently used

2 years

Connecting NetWare/NT using different Protocols


Currently used

4 years

Complete Client side Support in hardware/software


Currently used

5 years


Installation of CISCO 2500 2600 and 4000 series Routers


Currently Used

2 Years


Network Management
/Monitoring Using Spectrum, Sniffer, EtherPeek, etc.


Currently Used

2 Years


Cisco 3500XL and 2500 Switches


Currently Used

1 Year


CABELTRON SmartSwitch 6000


Currently Used

2 years


Cylink Encrypters


1 year Ago

1 year


VSAT Modems


Currently Used

2 Years


Cylink AirPro Radio Modems


6 Months Ago

2 years


PCOM Radio Modems


Currently Used

6 Months


Microsoft SNA Server


Currently Used

2 years


Structured Cabling


Currently used

2 Years


NCR ATM Machines


6 Months Ago

2 years


Microsoft Exchange Server


Currently used

3 years


Citrix Server Administration


Currently used

3 years



Salahuddin Ghafur
Chief Technology Officer,
ebos ag, Karlsruhe, Germany.,

Obaid Wali
Project Manager,
Acrologix (Pvt.) Ltd.
Lahore, Pakistan.


I would like to serve at the peak of user satisfaction and teamwork
I like challenging jobs and new tasks.