Masato's Den

T al Goreans! Welcome to Masato's Den, an Inn dedicated to Peace and Learning. It is located on the outskirts of the hidden City of Treve, within listening distance of Singing Waterfalls. As you walk away from the bustle in the heart of the hidden City of Treve, down the cobblestone streets, you can hear the laughter of friends, and sounds of music. As you push the door open, you are met by Musha,

"{NKZ} This is a Gorean room dedicated to friendship and peace. Master Masato of Treve and his kajira nikko welcome all who come as friends. *Note* ALL weapons MUST be checked at the door. ANY infraction will result in an immediate kick or kick/ban. Enter and be welcome all."

The soft glow of oil lamps illuminate the main room which is filled with plush furs, cushions, and Patrons gathered about low tables grouped here and there.

The far wall is reigned over by a large fireplace with a bird's eye rosewood mantelpiece, a large stone baking oven built in it's left side, kettles containing brewed black wine, kal-da, paga and hot water are suspended over the fire. Along the right wall stands a long server. Casks of ale, ka-la-na, Torvoldsland meade, and paga are racked along the wall. Beside the casks are racked dusty bottles of finer pagas, ka-la-nas, Falarian, bottles of sweet, syrupy Turian wines, and Ta-wines from the Isle of Cos. There are stacks of goblets for wine and mead, cups for black wine, bowls for paga and kal-da, and tiny glasses for tea are shelved above the server. Pitchers for pouring paga and wine drawn from the casks rest on top of the server. Beneath the server are trays, small bowls of sugars, eating wares and teapots.

Along the same wall as the server, a large open entryway leads to the kitchens and storage rooms, and against the wall to your right, a stairway leads up to the alcoves, the wall near it is lined with rings to bracelet a girl for later use. Masato's rooms and the slave quarters are also found in the upper levels of the tavern. Opposite the server, along the left hand wall, is a small raised platform for the musicians. Several thick furs and cushions scattered around the hearth provide a place for slaves to relax while not serving or tending to chores. In the center of the room is a cleared space, a circular area tiled in red, and a square area filled with sand for slave girls to dance and display their passion.