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Gorean Quotes

ref: The Karian Notes, Section 02I

Wisdom decrees that the fruit of thought must not be planted where it cannot bear fruit.
(Book 10, page 258)

Do not ask the stones or the trees how to live , they can not tell you ; they do not have tongues; do not ask the wise man how to live for, if he knows , he will know he cannot tell you; if you would learn how to live , do not ask the question; its answer is not in the question but in the answer, which is not in words; do not ask how to live, but, instead, proceed to do so.
(Book 9, page 9)

"It is said," said Samos, "that only weaklings, and fools, and men who deserve to be slave girls, fall slave to women.
(Book 8, page 13)

Whereas I was of high caste and he was of low, yet in his own hut he would be, by the laws of Gor, a prince and sovereign, for then he would be in the place of his own Home Stone.
(Book 2, page 28)

Then as sleen hunters do for luck , I cut through the fur of the sleen and ate the heart. It is said that only the heart of the mountain larl brings more luck then that of the vicious, cunning sleen.
(Book 2, page 37)

Gorean saying by slave girls: "It is not yet time to serve the wine" It means that the time for the slave to serve the Master's sexual pleasure has not yet arrived, usually used during feasts when a girl is slotted to other duties, such as serving food or a large group.
(Book 11, page 265)

With weapons and courage. they were truly free men, for they could now defend their freedoms, and those who cannot do this are not truly free; at best they are fortunate."
(Book 6, page 301)

In a man's hut, he must be Master, even though he has selected out for himself a companion. It is the part of the companion to befriend and aid him, not to insult and drive him.
(Book 11, page 241)

I wonder who truly loves himself, and women, he who is true to himself and his nature, refusing to deny it or pretend it doesn't exist, and who fulfills women, as they really are, or he who betrays himself, who lies to himself and who denies the true needs of women?
(Book 21, page 373)

Be beautiful. Be only afraid that you are so superb, not so afraid that you are awkward or clumsy.
(Book 22, page 72)

"The Masters call us "slave meat", and such, and perhaps this amuses them, and helps keep us in our place, at their feet, but only a woman who is a fool believes them. They want, and own, the whole slave" - a slave girl
(Book 22, page 154)

The husk of a she-sleen can be torn away, never to grow again, leaving behind only the soft flesh of another slave.
(Book 22, page 167)

While Free Women, technically, are priceless, they are usually, in bed, worthless. They are not worthy of kneeling and humbly holding candles within a thousand pasangs of a slave.
(Book 23, page 63)

Many Gorean men, in their vanity, will not admit to caring for slaves. Even the thought of it, it seems, would embarrass them. Who would care for a meaningless slut in a collar? Yet, too often, for just such women, luscious and helpless, and in bondage, men are prepared to kill. Indeed, more than one war on Gor has been fought to recover a single slave.
(Book 22, page 421)

"What does a slave owe a Master?" he asked. "Everything, and then a thousand times more," she whispered
(Book 22, page 189)

If a command needs to be repeated, the kajira needs to be punished
(Book 22, page 211)

"Men had done much to me on Gor. They had, imperiously, for their amusement and pleasure, summoned forth from me my latent slavery, a slavery which on Earth, I had hardly dared acknowledge. They had taught me how to feel. They had required that I show my slavery, and yield to it, wholly and honestly. They would let me be the slave that I was, lovingly and helplessly. I loved them for it!" - Tuka, slave dancer
Until one has seen needful slaves, one has not seen women
Never underestimate man's ingenuity in masterminding his own destruction
(Book 22, page 250)

It is easy to reform a woman's character once she is in the collar
(Book 24, page 22)

All women belong in the collars, for theirs is the slave sex.
(Book 24, page 245)

The female slave, in her excitement and beauty, is an embodiment of sensuality, love, and service
(Book 24, page 260)

All women are beautiful in chains
(Book 24, page 270)

Wars have been fought to obtain the beautiful slaves of another city
(Book 24, page 271)

One of the great pleasures in the Master, increasing the sense of it's joy and power, is forcing the female to experience, at your will and convenience, incredible pleasures, carrying her up and down, and through, a series of slave orgasms, making her more and more helpless, until she is irremediably yours, lost in the throes of her submission ecstacies.
If a man understands the priorities of his fellows, he can lead them. If he fails in this, all the good intentions in the world won't buy him loyalty.
War is the fire that tempers men's souls.
The man who will not resort to violence must find his own ways to manipulate men.
(Book 24, page 357)

It is seldom wise to interfere in the relationship between a Master and his slave
(Book 25, page 13)

The love of a slave girl is the deepest and most profound love that any woman can give a man. Love makes a woman a man's slave, and the wholeness of that love requires that she be, in truth, his slave. With nothing less can she be fully, and institutionally, content.
(Book 25, page 31)

Beauty and intelligence are all well and good, but the best slave is she who loves the most deeply
(Book 25, page 204)

In the end, few things are real, perhaps the weight and glitter of gold, the movement and nature of weapons, a slave at one's feet, and too, perhaps, in spite of all, if we will have it so, defiance, honour, responsibility, courage, discipline, such things, such baubles, such treasures.
(Book 25, page 208)

But do not fear. I am certain, sooner or later, you will come into the possession of one who will not only accept your slavery, in it's beauty, in it's tenderness and needfulness, in it's honesty and truth, but will celebrate it and relish it, and for whom you will be a treasure, an incredible and marvelous treasure, to be sure, one to be kept under the closest of disciplines.
(Book 25, page 234)

An errant slave may be disciplined by any Free Man Her slavery does not exist only in the presence of her Master. It is uncompromised, catagorical, and absolute, at any moment, wherever she is. Serious or grievious disciplines should be the prerogative of the Owning Master.
A Master is right until proven otherwise, and even then there is some question.
Nothing frustrates the True Warrior more than political necessity
(Book 25, page 323)

One must beware of enemies, and the nobler they are, the more dangerous they are.
(Book 22, page 456)

Many of the women of Cos are beautiful. We enjoy them in Port Kar.
(Book 23, page 81)

The wholisticality of the female response is interesting.
Their response is a whole, physical, emotional, and intellectual. Men have sex. Women are sex.
(Book 23, page 101)

A woman's defenses are not steel, but such things are her helplessness and vulnerability, and her capacity to give astounding pleasure.
(Book 23, 127)

"I am afraid," she said "I will defend you, as I can," he said "Do not risk your life for me," she said "Why not?" he said "Because I am really only a slave girl, " she said "It is for such that men most cheerfully risk their lives," he said "Oh?" she said "Certainly," he said, "you would not expect them to go to all that trouble for a mere free female, would you?" "Monster," she said.
(Book 23, page 218)

A Master to a slave-girl: "In your weakness and need, and love, in your honesty and truth, you are a thousand times stronger, and greater, than such caricatures of women, than such travesties of women, than such pseudomales and facsimile men, denying themselves and their feelings, holding themselves rigid, not daring to feel or be themselves."
(Book 23, page 243)

The slave who lies about her slavery is not thereby the less a slave. It is only that she is then a lying slave.
(Book 22, page 273)

Ritual is important. It is fulfilling and meaningful. It is beautiful. It is symbolic, mnemonic, and instructive. It establishes protocols. It expresses, defines, and clarifies conditions. It is essential to, and ingredient within, civilization. Similarly, do not overlook the significance and value of symbolism.
(Book 24, page 213)

In the submission of a female slave to a Master, the slave submits to the principle of masculinity, embodied in him. In this submission, the female slave recognizes the rights of masculinity and fulfills herself by submitting her femininity to it.
Power without ethics is disaster, ethics without power is useless.
The key to strategy is not to choose a path to victory, but to choose so that all paths lead to a victory.
A retreating enemy should be allowed all the face he can carry off. Just don't let him carry off anything else.
(Book 24, page 219)

Between a slave and a free person, only one can be the Master. It is the Gorean Way.
(Book 25, page 387)

Nothing fulfills maleness like Mastery. He who would be a man, must be a Master. He who surrenders his Mastery, surrenders his manhood.
(Book 20, page 176)

How should I put this delicately? Perhaps thusly; Insubordination in any form, of any sort, in even the tiniest, least significant degree, is not accepted from slave girls by their Gorean Masters.
(Book 20, page 227)

A love slave is still a slave, you see, and perhaps more a slave than any other. She is held in her bondage by the strongest of all bonds, that of love.
(Book 21, page 318)

The most fundamental property prized by Goreans in women is their need for love, and their capacity for love. That is the kind of woman a man wants, ultimately, one who is helplessly and totally love's captive, in his collar.
(Book 21, page 322)

There are only two kinds of women; slaves, and slaves.
(Book 19, page 137)

The relationship of the Master to the slave is unilateral. All the power is with the Master. The slave does not keep the Master, the Master keeps the slave. Let the slave strive, then for excellence, to convince the Master to keep her.
No two Masters are the same except in so far as each is the total Master, just as no two slaves are the same, except that each is the total slave.
(Book 25, page 127)

she said, "It is a thousand times better to be the slave of a Gorean Master, than to be an Empress on Earth.
(Book 21, page 231)

It is seldom wise to impugn, or attempt to manipulate, the honour of a Gorean.
There are two sexes. They are not the same.
The other side of the coin of freedom is bondage. One cannot exist without the other. The Master is free, and the slave is bound.
A Master is more likely to be kinder to an unskilled girl who is zealous, than to a skilled one who permits her performance to lapse from standards of perfection.
Any woman who dares to appear before men and dance, is in her heart, a slave. Let her then be collared!
Only a fool buys a clothed woman.
(Book 21, page 297)

"Such thoughts are surely to be reserved for the Second or Third knowledges." "I am a man, I repudiate the distinctions between knowledges. Knowledge is one. It is only the knowers who are many."
(Book 19, page 387)

"What is it that a man wants from a woman?", asked Samos "Everything, and more," she whispered "Precisely."
Your audacity borders on obscenity
(Book 20, page 176)

It is not merely pleasant to own a slave, to dress her as you please, if you wish to permit her clothing, to have her at your bidding, to do with her as you please; it is exalting. The man who has not owned a slave has no conception of the maximums of sexuality, nor as the woman who has not been owned.
(Book 23, page 359)

If slavery were truly a fate worse than death, or even so unfortunate a lot, it seems it would be very hard to understand the happiness of the female slave, their emotional fulfillments, their ecstasies, their willingness to die for their Masters.
(Book 23, page 285)

Swords are often drawn on Gor over women, and particularly over women. Women are prizes, perfections and treasures. It is no wonder than men will fight over them with such ferocity.
(Book 23, page 297)

The relationship of slave to Master is the relation of total helpless intimacy
(Book 23, page 404)

Few men, once they have caught the scent of Mastery, and surely once they have tasted it's deliciousness, will even consider it's surrender.
There is no more constructive emotion than hatred
An uninspired ruler works to develop those relationships which will be most to his advantage. A great ruler determines the most desirable relationships and assumes them into being.
The laws of a city extend no further than it's walls
A man who is returning to his city is not to be detained
Port Kar, crowded and sensuous in the Tamber Gulf, before mysterious, gleaming Thassa
(Book 24, page 219)

The experience is a totalistic one, which occurs in an entire context. It is thus that a woman does not fully understand what it is to be a slave, until she becomes a slave. Once she is owned, of course, and subject to the whip, she will learn her condition. Kneeling before her Master, she will soon apprehend something of it's joys, duties, and terrors.
(Book 25, page 337)

Then she was trembling, and gasping for breath, clinging to him. He, too, gasped, and then suddenly he laughed, a mighty laugh, almost a roar, a laugh of triumph, like an exaltant larl, joyful in his Mastery of her beauty.
(Book 25, page 343)

When Goreans get the idea that honour is involved, they sudden become quite difficult to deal with.
(Book 25, page 400)

It is appropriate that a female slave be sexually alive, vital, and responsive. Surrender to your deepest needs, and desires, to your most profound and helpless passions, to those truths hitherto concealed in the most secret recesses of your body.
(Book 25, page 397)

"But I am only a collared slave!" "And they are the most beautiful and exciting of all women. Wars have been fought for them."
(Book 25, page 438)

There is only one way to have a woman wholly, and that is for her to be your slave, for you to own her.
(Book 25, page 464)

"On the whole, if a slave is pleasing, and is striving to serve with perfection, I believe in treating her with kindness." - Tarl Cabot
(Book 25, page 476)

Her price? Her price is steel.
(Book 2, page 54)

Music, like paga and song, can set men's hearts aflame and when men's hearts are aflame, it is not easy to know where the flames may spread.
(Book 2)

A man can truly love only that woman who is truly his, who belongs to him. Otherwise, he is only a party to a contract.
(Book 11, page 444)

"The collar is put on from without, but what it encircles comes from within. Slavery, true slavery, comes from within."
(Book 17, page 210)

If one has never had a slave, one has never had a woman.
(Book 17, page 221)

No female is a woman, who has not been made a slave.
(Book 17, page 272)

One of the nicest gifts one can give a man is, of course, a beautiful woman
(Book 16, page 237)

They all wear their collars, but each in her collar is different
(Book 16, page 260)

The lovely figures of slave girls are not accidents, only Free Women are permitted to become unkempt or gross.
(Book 16, page 264)

The Gorean Master desires more than a slave's submission, more than merely her body. A Gorean Master is satisfied with nothing less than all of a slave. He will possess you, body and mind, heart and soul. Nothing less is acceptable.
It is said that the women of Earth are natural slaves, awaiting only the touch of a Master
(Book 17, page 174)

The chains of a slave girl are heaviest in Port Kar
(Book 13, page 458)

You are a slave, you are too beautiful to be set free.
(Book 13, page 458)

Within a given amount of time, say half an ahn, some women can resist some men. Given a longer amount of time, however, any woman may be made to yield, whether she wishes to or not, by any man.
(Book 17, page 222)

If men refuse the mastery, someone else must assume it. There are always Masters, whether one pretends it is not so, or not.
(Book 17, page 235)

A thousand times better a collar on Gor, than freedom on Earth - a slave girl
(Book 19, page 63)

Much can be told of the responsiveness of a girl by how she moves beneath the whip.
(Book 17, page 225)

If one is not strong, it is natural to make a virtue of weakness
(Book 17, page 235)

Beauty in a slave does not excuse poor service
(Book 17, page 259)

The slave makes no bargains; she does not desire small demands to be placed upon her; she does not ask for ease; she asks nothing; she gives all; she seeks to love and selflessly serve.
(Book 18, page 139)

Master: "What is the place of women?"
slave: "At the feet of men"
Master: "And where are you?"
slave: "At Your feet!"
Master: "What are you?"
slave: "A slave"
(Book 18, page 137)

Slaves are the most treasured, despised and loved of all women.
(Book 18, page 331)

a slave.. "every women, in her heart, longs to kneel before a strong man, to be subject to His whip, to be owned, to be Mastered, to know that she has no choice but to give him total love and service."
(Book 18, page 335)

Every women, in her deepest heart, wants to find a Man whom she must serve perfectly, a man who will bring out the fundamental and profound slave in her, a man who will bend her uncompromisingly and helplessly to His will.
(Book 19, page 393)

Whipping, in itself, is insignificant when compared to the lesson it teaches. it teaches the girl that she is under the total domination of a man. it teaches her that she is at His mercy and is owned, truely.... The only women who does not fear the whip is one who has not felt it.
(Book 15, page 131)

Chains are useful in impressing her slavery upon a woman.... the effect of a chain, or rope, on a woman's sexuality is sometimes incredible.
(Book 15, page 169)

A slave is an animal, sensuous and beautiful, marked as property, and has a name only on the sufferance of her Master.... she kneels before her Master; she waits to be commanded.
(Book 15, page 170)

She obeyed immediately and unhesitantly. Gorean slaves girls do not dally in their compliance.
(Book 15, page 233)

The Master/slave relationship is the institutionalization of dominance and submission. It is, under the enhancements of civilization, the institutionalization of the primative biological relationship of the human male and female, He the Master, she the slave. How lonely is the man who has not yet found His slave; how forlorn is the slave who has not yet found her Master.
(Book 15, page 240)

The life of a slave girl, it is understood, as a life of love. She is given no alternative.
(Book 15, page 280)

Slavery brings out the female in a woman.
(Book 16, page 74)

The slave girl is a lovely, vulnerable, highly sensitive organism; the rational Master commonly, unless she chooses to be troublesome, handles her with delicacy and affection
(Book 16, page 172)

The slave's sexuality is imbedded in an entire matrix of obedience, love and service. In her heart these things are inextricably, and delicately and beautifully intertwined.
(Book 16, page 209)

"And who is victorious?" he asked. "You are, Master," I said, "and totally, and I am nothing." I did not tell him that, truly, we were both victorious, that he was victorious in his victory, and I, a woman, was victorious in my utter defeat.
(Book 22, page 445)

Every woman in her heart wants to wear the chains of a man.
(Book 3, page 204)

In every woman there is something of the Free Companion and something of the slave girl.
(Book 3, page 205)

If a woman truely is, in her secret heart, a man's slave, how can any female who is not a man's slave be truely a woman?
(Book 13, page 37)

Slavery is cultural for Goreans. They know at is something a woman can be.
(Book 13, page 107)

There is a Gorean saying to the effect that any woman that relishes a compliment is in her heart a slave girl. She wants to please.
(Book 12, page 17)

The particular man is terribly important to the woman. He is part of the whole that enflames her.
(Book 22, page 243)

One shows caring by keeping. And, if necessary, by fighting. What woman...could not see through such cant?
(Book 22, page 308)

...I think that it is only a slave, in her vulnerability and helplessness, who can know what love truly is.
(Book 19, page 48)

The slave, of course, it not permitted...ignorance, inertness and mediocrity.... She must serve marvelously and totally. Nothing less is permitted her.
(Book 19, page 438)

The basic characteristic of a ... woman is, interestingly, femaleness;....
(Book 10, page 10)

"You are slave," I said. "You are owned. You are female. You will be forced to be a woman.
(Book 10, page 12)

Only when a woman is owned can she be fully enjoyed.
(Book 10, page 17)

A girl with living senses and a living body, far more passionate than one whose senses and body sleep.
(Book 10, page 25)

...the slave girl is not simply someone with whom the man lives; she is very special to him; she is a treasured possession....
(Book 10, page 42)

Only in a collar can a woman be truly free.
(Book 10, page 75)

...only the most beautiful are found worthy of the collar.
(Book 10, page 99)

Men...desired, fought for, sought and relished their female slaves.
(Book 10, page 150)

A girl who has not been owned perhaps cannot grasp the feelings of one who is owned, truly owned; but perhaps such a girl, even if only dimly, can sense the joy of the slave girl.
(Book 11, page 72)

It is dangerous for a girl to be beautiful on Gor, particularly if she is slave.
(Book 11, page 137)

It is said, in a Gorean proverb, that a man, in his heart, desire freedom, and that a woman, in her belly, yearns for love. The collar, in its way, answers both needs. The man is most free owning the slave. He may do what he wishes with her. The woman, on the other hand, being owned, is institutionally and helplessly subject, in her status as slave, to the submissions of love.
(Book 11, page 180)

...the condition of slavery makes a woman very beautiful. It removes the inhibitions to the manifestation of her femininity and her deepest needs.
(Book 11, page 404)

However much he might hold me in regard, however much he might desire me, I saw that I could be to him only a helpless slave girl. Whatever might be his feelings for me I saw that he would have me only at his feet as a slave. I would be uncompromisingly owned. He would have all, fully, from me. I would not be permitted to hold anything back, ever. He would be master, and I slave.
(Book 11, page 437)

He had chosen the perfection of one man, the complete master, and one woman, the total slave. It is called the perfect bondage, each all and perfect to the other.
(Book 11, page 442)

They stood away, feet fixed apart, in the garments of slaves, obdurate, rebellious. "We acknowledge ourselves your slave girls!" screamed Telima, "If we do not please you, beat us or slay us!"
(Book 6, page 229)

She drew back, reproachfully, "Would you not rather be my Ubar, than my Master?" she asked.
I looked at her, "yes," I said, "I would."
"You are both," she pronounced, again kissing me.
"Ubara," I whispered to her.
"Yes," she whispered, "I am your Ubara -- and your slave girl."
(Book 6, page 244)

..."it is said that a woman who wears a collar can be only a woman."
(Book 4, page 303)

"Though I am slave," she said, "yet for the first time in my life, I am free."
(Book 4, page 303)

"Perhaps I will put love chains on you again," he said, "You serve well in them" "Thank you, Master," I said. It was indeed my hope that he would do so again, and, indeed, put me in many different bonds, which, in their various ways, for various reasons, both physical and psychological, influence and condition the responses of the female.
(Book 22, page 467)

Gorean desire. It was so powerful, so ruthless, so absolutely uncompromising.
(Book 22, page 457)

..I knew that women who are kept as low slaves, and even strictly so, are often among those most loved. Many love masters keep their love slaves, for example, as low slaves.
(Book 22. page 458)

Even in the greatness of his love for her he would not cease to be her master. Indeed, had he done so, how could she have loved him so much?
(Book 22, page 445)

How lonely is the man who has not yet found His slave; how forlorn is the slave who has not yet found her Master.
(Book 15, page 240)

A conquered...girl is one of the most abject and delicious, and joyful, of slaves.
(Book 12, page 240)

The Goreans claim that in each woman there is a free companion, proud and beautiful, worthy and noble, and in each, too, a slave girl. The companion seeks for her companion; the slave girl for her Master. It is further said, that on the couch, the Gorean girl, whether slave or free, who has had the experience, who has tried all loves, begs for a Master. She wishes to belong completely to a Man, withholding nothing, permitted to withhold nothing. And, of course, of all women, only a slave girl can be truly His, in all ways, utterly, totally, completely, His, selflessly, at His mercy, His ecstatic slave, helpless and joyous in the total submission which she is given no choice but to yield.
(Book 8, page 102)

How lonely is the Man who has not yet found His slave; how forlorn is the female who has not yet found her Master
(Book 15, page 240)

"There is a difference," laughed Hassan, "between the pride of a free woman and the pride of the slave girl. The pride of a free woman is the pride of a woman who feels herself to be the equal of men. The pride of the slave girl is the pride of the girl who knows that no other woman is the equal to herself"
(Book 10, page 333)

"You are slave. In actual practice, of course, masters tend to pay a great deal of attention to the thoughts and feelings of their lovely slaves. Her deepest thoughts and desires, as well as her most trivial fancies and observations, are open to him and, because he owns her, of great interest to him. A man is much more likely to be intensely fond of a girl he owns than of a free individual toward whom he stands in a mere contractual relationship. The latter he does not own; the former he does. The owned girl is a valuable; she is precious; this makes her much different from a business partner. For what it is worth, the most intimate and deepest loves I have known have been between masters and their slaves, that between the love master and his love slave." "But the woman is still a slave," she said. "Yes," I said, "totally and categorically. She may even be sold, if he wills." "The attention and love such a girl obtains," she said, "need not be accorded to her." "No," I said. "It is a gift of the master."
(Book 13, page 354)

It is apparently difficult to recruit Goreans for service on Earth, either for Priest-Kings or Kurii. Accordingly, usually native Earthlings are used. Glandularly sufficient men, strong, lustful, and vital, without their slave girls, would find Earth a very dismal place, a miserable and unhappy sexual desert. Strong men simply need women. This will never be understood by weak men. A strong man needs a woman at his feet, who is truly his. Anything else is less than his fulfillment. When a man has once eaten of the meat of gods he will never again chew on the straw of fools.
(Book 13, page 12)

"Honor is important to Goreans, in a way that those of Earth might find it hard to understand; for example, those of Earth find it natural that men should go to war over matters of gold and riches, but not honor; the Gorean, contrariwise, is more willing to submit matters of honor to the adjudication of steel than he is matters of riches and gold; there is a simple explanation for this; honor is more important to him."
(Book 8, page 276)

The second reason for the bliss for many slave girls, that sequent upon the appropriateness of bondage for the beautiful woman itself, her female joy in being made to be true to herself, slave, was that, given the flesh transaction in a given city, sooner or later, masters tended to find girls who were, from their point of view, superb slaves, and girls tended to find men who were, from their point of view, marvels as masters. It is a beautiful moment when the woman realizes that the man who owns her is her love master, and the man realizes that the girl he bought, looking up at him, tears in her eyes, is his love slave. Then the only danger is that he will weaken. One must be strong with a love slave. If one truly loves her, he will be that strong. The slavery in which a love slave is kept is an unusually deep slavery. She must serve him with perfection which would stun and startle other girls; if she should fail in any way, even in so small a way that the laps would be over looked in the case of another wench, or bring perhaps a mild word of reprimand, she is likely to be tied at the slave ring and whipped; there is a good reason for this; she is, you see a love slave; no woman can be more in a man's power; and with no woman must he be stronger.
(Book 13, page 236)

The female slave submits to her Master in a thousand dimensions, in each of which she is His slave, in each of which He dominates her.
(Book 9, page 155)

Human females are such rich and wonderful creatures. Thier sexual life, and feelings, are subtle, complex, and deep. How naive is the man who believes that having sex with a woman is so little or brief a thing as to fall within the parameters of a horizontal plane, the simple stimulations of a skin, the results attendant upon a simplistic manual dexterity. How woefully ignorant are the engineers of sexuality. How much to learn have even her artists and poets. Women are so inordinantly precious. They are so sensitive, so beautiful, so intelligent and needful. No man has yet counted the dimensions of a woman's love. Who can measure the horizons of her heart? Few things, I suspect, are more real than those which seem most intangible.
(Book 18, page 181)

Perhaps it should only be added that the Gorean Master, thought often strict, is seldom cruel. The girl knows, if she pleases him, her lot will an easy one. She will almost never encounter sadism or wanton cruelty, for the psychological environment that tends to breed these diseases is largely absent from Gor. This does not mean that she will not expect to be beatenif she disobeys, or fails to please her Master. On the other hand, it is not to unusual a set of comportments on Gor where the Master, in effect, willing wears the collar, and his lovely slave, by the practice of delightful wiles of her sex, with scandalous success wheedles her way triumphantly from the satisfaction of one whim to the next
(Book 2, page 53)

That the secret slave, which lurks in every woman, had begun to sense, fearfully, excitedly, that she had been brought to a world on which she might perhaps be free at last to emerge;
(Book 13, page 113)

One does not learn to master a tarn. It is a matter of blood and spirit, of beast and man, of a relation between two beings wich must be immediate, intuitive, spontaneous. It is said that a tarn knows who is a tarnsman and who is not, and that those who are not die in this first meeting.
(Book 1, page 51)

Then, in accord of the rude bridal customs of Gor, as she furiously but playfully struggled, as she squirmed and protested and pretended to resist, I bound her bodily across the saddle of the tarn. Her wrists and ankles were secured, and she lay before me, arched over the saddle, helpless, a captive, but of love and her own free will.
(Book 1, page 213)

There is a Gorean proverb that a man who is returning to his city is not to be detained.
(Book 2, page 37)

To be sure, in certain cities, as had been the case in Ko-ro-ba, women were permitted status within the caste system and had a relatively unrestricted existence.
(Book 2, page 49)

Paradoxically, the Gorean, who seems to think so little of women in some respects, celebrates them extravagantly in others. The Gorean is keenly susceptible to beauty; it gladdens his heart, and his songs and art are often paeans to its glory.
(Book 2, page 54)

Gorean women, whether slave or free, know that their simple presence brings joy to men, and I cannot but think that this pleases them.
(Book 2, page 54)

Occasionally the Gorean, like his brothers in our world, perhaps even more frequently, learns the meaning of love.
(Book 2, page 54)

This was unusual, however, for normally the Gorean slave girl sleeps at the foot of her master's couch, often on a straw mat with only a thin, cottonlike blanket, woven from the soft fibers of the Rep Plant, to protect her from the cold. If she has not pleased her master of late, she may be, of course, as a disciplinary measure, simply chained nude to the slave ring in the bottom of the couch, sans both blanket and mat. The stones of the floor are hard and the Gorean nights are cold and it is a rare girl who, when unchained in the morning, does not seek more dutifully to serve her master.
(Book 3, page 67)

This harsh treatment, incidentally, when she is thought to deserve it, may even be inflicted on a Free Companion, in spite of the fact that she is free and usually much loved. According to the Gorean way of looking at things a taste of the slave ring is thought to be occasionally beneficial to all women, even the exalted Free Companions. Thus when she has been irritable or otherwise troublesome even a Free Companion may find herself at the foot of the couch looking forward to a pleasant night on the stones, stripped, with neither mat nor blanket, chained to a slave ring precisely as though she were a lowly slave girl.
(Book 3, page 67)

It is the Gorean way of reminding her, should she need to be reminded, that she, too, is a woman, and thus to be dominated, to be subject to men. Should she be tempted to forget this basic fact of Gorean life the slave ring set in the bottom of each Gorean couch is there to refresh her memory.
(Book 3, page 67)

Gor is a man's world.
(Book 3, page 67)

The Gorean woman, for reasons that are not altogether clear to me, considering the culture, rejoices in being a woman. She is often an exciting, magnificent, glorious creature, outspoken, talkative, vital, active, spirited. On the whole I find her more joyful than many of her earth-inhabiting sisters who, theoretically at least, enjoy a more lofty status, although it is surely true that on my old world I have met several women with something of the Gorean zest for acknowledging the radiant truth of their sex, the gifts of joy, grace and beauty, tenderness, and fathoms of love that we poor men, I suspect, may sometimes and tragically fail to understand, to comprehend.
(Book 3, page 67)

Yet with all due respect and regard for the most astounding and marvelous sex, I suspect that, perhaps partly because of my Gorean training, it is true that a touch of the slave ring is occasionally beneficial.
(Book 3, page 68)

And yet it was not a strange thing, particularly not on Gor, where bravery is highly esteemed and to save a female's life is in effect to win title to it, for it is the option of a Gorean male to enslave any woman whose life he has saved, a right which is seldom denied even by the citizens of the girl's city or her family.
(Book 3, page 161)

The Gorean attitude is that she would be dead were it not for his brave action and thus it is his right, now that he has won her life, to make her live it for him precisely as he pleases, which is usually, it must unfortunately be noted, as his slave girl.
(Book 3, page 162)

The privileges of Free Companionship are never bestowed lightly.
(Book 3, page 162)

The Gorean man, as a man, cheerfully and dutifully attends to the rescuing of his female in distress, but as a Gorean, as a true Gorean, he feels, perhaps justifiably and being somewhat less or more romantic than ourselves, that he should have something more for his pains than her kiss of gratitude and so, in typical Gorean fashion, puts his chain on the wench, claiming both her and her body as his payment.
(Book 3, page 162)

"It is a strange feeling," she said, "to know that someone -truly- is your master, to know that not only has he the right to do with you as he pleases but that he will, that your will is nothing to him, that it is your will and not his that must bend, that you are helpless and must -and will- do what he says, that you must obey."
(Book 3, page 203)

"Every woman in her heart," said Vika, "wants to wear the chains of a man." This seemed to me quite doubtful. Vika looked up and smiled. "Of course," she said, "we would like to choose the man."
(Book 3, page 204)

"Women wish to be free," I told her. "Yes," she said, "we also wish to be free." She smiled. "In every woman," she said, "there is something of the Free Companion and something of the Slave Girl."
(Book 3, page 204)

I smiled at Vika's very natural correction of her mode of addressing me, for a slave girl is seldom permitted, at least publicly, to address her master by his name, only his title. The privilege of using his name, of having it on her lips, is, according to the most approved custom, reserved for that of a free woman, in particular a Free Companion. Gorean thinking on this matter tends to be expressed by the saying that a slave girl grows bold if her lips are allowed to touch the name of her master. On the other hand, I, like many Gorean masters, provided the girl was not testing or challenging me, and provided that free women, or others, were not present whom I had no wish to offend or upset, preferred as a matter of fact to have my own name on the girl's lips, for I think, with acknowledged vanity, that there are few sounds as pleasurable as the sound of one's own name on the lips of a beautiful woman.
(Book 3, page 206)

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