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Use CAD well in order to gain as much from it as possible. Have a look at CAD applications, Structural projects and Customizing AutoCAD sections. Perhaps it could improve your performance.
stress analysis
CAD applications 
In this section you will find very interesting examples of software development for AutoCAD. The design in several bussines fields is improved with these real applications by using AutoLISP and customizing AutoCAD.
Customizing AutoCAD 

It is possible shape AutoCAD according to your needs and specific bussines field. You can make for example,  special commands and menus related with your discipline. Customizing offer many posibilities; read more about this in Customizing AutoCAD.
finit element
p-delta analysis
dynamic analysis
response spectrum
structure-soil interaction
Structural projects
Several models for structural analysis are included in this section. The geometry of the models was resolved with AutoCAD and read it efter by the structural analysis package. 

Most of this structures have been built in Mexico City.



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