Well here it is! Finally completed! And I am pretty happy with it.

After all the schedule delays, all the technical problems, all the nasty little surprises that popped up along the way, after getting ripped off, after all the expenses and unhappiness and explaining the Visa bills to my wife, after it was all done, it sure is good to go into the garage and look at the car!  And it is an absolute ton of fun to drive! Which, sadly, I don't actually do too much with the fresh paint.

Here are some pictures of the 'finished product'. Some of them appear elsewhere on my site, but I have grouped them all here for easy reference! I have tried to list all the changes from original that you will see in each group of pictures.

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger picture. Most are around 1Mbyte. They are larger than a 21" monitor, but you can scroll around to see the whole thing. Depending on how you have set up your browser, the pictures may be restricted to the size of your screen.

Final Paint Job

Check out these photos - that paint job is gleamin'! Notice too that the front windshield has been replaced with one that is not delaminating, the front turn signal lenses have been replaced, the foglights have been replaced (covers are not original equipment) the tail light lenses have been cleaned, the headlights have been upgraded to halogens, the marker lights have been replaced, and all the bump strips and pin stripes are gone! The driver's window has been replaced, the passenger side mirror has been replaced, and all black trim pieces have been resprayed to match. The vertical trim piece between the front and rear side windows was replaced. All the exterior brightwork has either been replaced or polished at a metal shop, and the badges have all been replaced.  The wheels and tires were replaced, the front brakes were upgraded to 13" 4 caliper units, and the car was lowered. New mufflers have been installed, and the spare tire removed from under the rear of the car. The air conditioning was uprated to the new eco-friendly coolant.



Front Quarter

Rear Quarter



Final Engine Compartment

The original 18 valve engine was replaced with a 24 valve European engine of the same displacement. The engine was detailed. The entire intake system was revised. The strut tower brace was added, although it shows in both photos below. The engine compartment was painted. The battery  was relocated to the trunk of the car. A new hood liner was fitted.




New OEM carpets were added. New steering wheel. New stereo. Any black plastic piece in the interior was originally brown and has been replaced. A CD player control head was de-velcroed from the dash. All of the visible screws and hardware that secure the doors were replaced.