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Sounds of the 228

Here are a few audio files that try to capture the fun of 228 ownership. They are in mp3 format. Your Windows Media Player should play these just by clicking on them. Unfortunately I didn't do a very good job with the sound level settings when I transferred these from the camcorder to the computer, they sound a bit distorted. I'll try again next summer.

1. Start up. The car firing up and being rev'ved once. The Euro engine and the freer-flowing exhaust system contribute to a much 'growlier' sound than original. You can also hear several seconds of one of the pumps whining plus the automatic antenna going up when the key is turned and the engine fires up. I recorded this file by positioning my camcorder about two feet behind one of the tail pipes.

2. Another Start up. The car firing up again.  I recorded this file with the camcorder in the passenger seat and the windows open, since I figured that the first recording above wasn't what most people would hear from inside the car.

3. Shifting. With the original air filter gone and the new filters close to the turbos, one thing that has been lost is the muffling effect of the original air filter. There is a definite 'foooosh' sound as the car shifts.  The turbos have to be spooled up to get the effect, and the harder you are driving, the more pronounced the sound, until the wastegates open and cap the boost. I recorded this file with the camcorder in the passenger seat and the windows closed. Although I was punching it, I wasn't trying to set any speed records here.

4. 0-60. (1) and (2) The engine rev a couple times, I pop the clutch, the tires chirp, the car takes off and the engine roars.  I hit 60 in second gear, but go into third just for the effect. The tires squeal on both of these, (2) has an interesting double squeal. I think that happens because the first squeal is from the launch, and the second squeal is the tires losing their grip briefly when the turbos hit peak boost in first gear. I recorded these files with the camcorder rolling around on the passenger seat and the windows open.

228 Video

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