Hi. My name is Tom. I also go by mashed68 and bored&stroked. This page was made by me [cant you tell?], and its all about me. I'm 21 years old. My birthday is in Feb. I was born and raised in Rochester NY, which I love, but was forced to move to Mesa AZ at age 14. 

I found my TRUCK when I moved here and that has helped a lot. I have worked as a cook at red lobster and perkins, and also in a catering service. I volunteerd my time for a couple years at the Confederate Air Force when I first moved here. I am now working as a loan officer at a mortgage company. I have also been recruited into the research & development team for v6performance INC. We deal with the 98-02 accord v6's.I LOVE trucks, Chevy trucks, 73-87 style to be exact. I also love 98-02 accord v6's! Im actually pretty car crazy. I think all a guy needs in life to survive are: trucks with V-8's, women, steak, mashed potatoes, corn and diet coke [yes I did say diet]. I have yet to find the right girl, although I'm hoping she comes around soon. Ok so now you know a little bit about me.

Anything else, you can contact me by e-mail or my ICQ# is 9824606.