My name is Ben Carter. My m8s call me many diffrent things such as Kenneth, Benny, Engie Bengie and may others. People say I am funny, intelligent and friendly ( jeez how kind *blush*). I'm just your average 13yr old. My hobbies are computer games, playin out with my friends, rugby and many others. I was born in Leicester England on June the 1st 1991. However I moved to California USA when I was 9 and lived there for a year and a half which was rearlly cool, after that I came back to England to return to what I thought my normal life, I guess I wasn't the only person that changed. I have 2 pet cats called Molly and Moonlight who are a nightmare with their fur, takes as long as baking a cake to get all the hairs off :-P. School is ok surprisingly, the 40miniute bus journey is always fun. I'm good at most things apart from Art, Design and Technology, somebody could of told me that the solder iron was on when I picked it up at the wrong end!! My favourite lessons have got to be PE and Science. Me and my best m8 Oliver make mischief out of chemicals (people don't try :-P) and PE because slinging some in baseball is really cool. I play Enemy Territory for the <MH> clan. It is great being friends with these guys since they can help me with just about any problems I have with my computer or just about anything else!! I have blond-ish hair and blue eyes (picture coming soon) and am way too tall, otherwise i'm normal lol
S'all U need to know....right??
                            Peace out
Ben Carter a.k.a Mashed-Poatatoe
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