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Thanks especially to these people:
Radar Hunnihawk (and the $400+ phone bill)
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WOOT! for putting up with my bitching among other things

Lisa ~ for letting me take over our site
Mick ~ for the fantabulous work on the front page signpost.

Special mention to:
Hawkeye's Martini
Taken Hawkeye
For all the screencaps I have are LIFE SAVERS!

To the 2/3 nice people left over at BCA for your help on various info I couldn't find...THANKS!!!
AND of course, to geocities. Without your constant screw-up of pagebuilder, my life would not have enough stress in it - THANKS!


This site does earn something: Stress relief for me, and the people who visit. Money wise I'm as poor as Margaret if not more, so therefore make ZILCH amount of money from this.

I in NO WAY set out to insult or make derogatory comments/remarks about the actors and their creed. I, along with every other person, do have comments about the characters, which therefore can say anything I or they feel about them.

If material is used from another source, it is stated and the parties involved are given full credit for their work.

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So, in closing, NO ONE affiliated with this website is doing anything illegal and so there is and or are NO reason to sue ANY of us.

Messages from Twiggie:
You can still catch updates on that page. Just thought I'd give you a general low down on what's happening.

Since October, the site has been started, smashed, buggered about by geocites and given a fresh new-ish look. Among doing my final year of school, much stress from home life, and keeping an eye on depressed friends, there is just 3/4 of a section to go and it's all finished.

And which then afterwards, time will be spent on writing fanfiction, creating new pics, updating journals and occasional homework.

I will attempt to think up new and exciting ideas for the site that no-one else has. IF you can think of any and would like to contirbute (with full credit - DUH!) please let me know!

I've mentioned having trouble with disk space...the lack of I'm moving MOST of the pictures to a second site. All but the relationships, baby pics and Pick of the Crop shall be moved. This includes the Cast Bio section.

So far 4/5 Sections are done with 2/22 pages of that last section finished...if that makes any sense. I have TEMPORARILY taken down the Cast Bio Section until it's been re-done on the second site. You can catch the addy on the
NEW AND DONE home page.

(July) I won't be updating as much as I was due to the fact...I'M MOOOOOVING! YAY! Out of my tissue-box size house and into a shoebox! What kind I am not sure...but within the next 2 months I'm outta here! And further away from Sydney which makes me happy! updates will be rare and far between. PLUS I've been sick with the wonderful illness of pneumonia so yeah there are updates because it's the only thing I can do without too many after shocks...stupid bug...

(September) For those interested: Don't expect much of any updates on: Experiences, Tradition, Taboo or Tango soon. Avoidence of these is true and real. Why? I have other, smaller, one-chapter  ideas. That and a) I need HELP with smut b) not sure where to go next c) at the moment something big has just happened and now have to get into flow of things and d) need to see What's up Doc to continue 2nd chapter. Co-written ones are relying on 2nd party and their fan fic scheduale. The other though will be the next ones finished...most likely Half a Bird, Fulfillment, Slipped Away and Dollars and Sense the next 4 to be completed.

BTW: Just because I said this...doesn't mean it will/won't happen. Only way to make sure is...KEEP CHECKING BACK!!!

(February) As you can see I'm again re-doing most of the site. Newer and better banners (with much thanks to livilla for my copy of Photoshop), more icons and probably other art-worky stuff. Along with a couple of new sections and some old ones, shrunken or taken away completely. Any comments, sign the book or email.

(August) I'm not dead...the site's not dead...and the fan fic is coming out as fast as the DVDs are. The last few parts of the original site should be finished within the next 2 months...and with any luck maybe finish a few of the fan fics before I go back to studies next year. I've taken the crossover page away because...well I lost interest and other fandoms beckoned me away. I've also started a completely un-related website so much of my time's on that. But as I said with any luck it should be mostly done by Christmas.