My Top Picks
Favourite Character and Why?
Margaret Houlihan. Why her of all people? She starts off as a cold, strict, military officer – kind of a bitch. She shuts the world out in fear of rejection, disappointment, loneliness and possibly the biggest of them all – in fear of never being loved. Due to the fact of never having a steady home – moving constantly and never having friends for long. Hate to say it, but Donald was good for her – for a while. She began to tear down the barriers she had held up for many years once she was rid of Frank. Her coldness seemed to warm up and friendships started to sprout. During her marriage, she began to open up to people – mainly Hawkeye, sometimes BJ i.e. ‘Fade out Fade in’ and ‘Images’. Although her marriage failed and she began to close up again, she began to realise that there are people who care for her – friends and the walls came down once again. We can see major (pun totally intended) changes in ‘April Fools’ – very unmilitary and out of line. Almost childlike – their first meeting with Colonel Tucker and the four of them, trying to conceal laughter and smirking. She wasn’t trying to be a man in a man’s world – she was just ‘one of the guys’. Towards the end of the show, she became the motherly figure of the outfit – but still keeping that wild streak in her that we all so love. She learnt to lean on people, not bottle it up so much that when one little thing went wrong – everything would come out. She went from Major Hotlips Houlihan, to just plain Margaret Houlihan. She was always a warm, caring, loving person – but finally decided to show it. The end few minutes with her sum up who she is perfectly. Friendly with Klinger, caring towards Soon-Lee (to which she caught the bouquet), considerate of Charles, Joking with BJ, Honest and Loving to Colonel Potter and probably the best change of all – Friendly, Caring, Joking, Honest and most of all Loving towards and with her Best Friend (and possible soul-mate) Hawkeye. (why else would they have shared a 35 second kiss???)
Cute eh?
Favourite 10 Episodes and Why?
Comrades in Arms – Hawkeye and Margaret getting together and…we’ll leave that to your imagination.
Peace on Us  - Margaret finally divorcing that arsehole, and you've gotta love her hair!
Images – Margaret finally opening up and letting out all the emotion she’s been hiding for years. Also gotta love the tough side of her – I know I do!
Alcoholics Unanimous – Who doesn't love a drunk scene? Great acting by Loretta Swit. Margaret’s a scream!
C*A*V*E – Learn more about Margaret’s life and the fears inside, besides the war.
Aid Station – A Hawkeye and Margaret adventure. Friendly to one-another and Hawk’s not such a chauvinist.
What’s up Doc? – You can tell how much Hawkeye cares for Margaret...not making any remarks and is just a cutie!
Carry on Hawkeye – TUSHIE! You gotta love her reaction!
Bulletin Board – Margaret having fun, and looking cute in it too. Hawkeye also being a good sport.
Who Knew? – A really moving episode, wonderful acting...and just that little magic touch of H/M

Favourite Romance and Why?

Hawkeye & Margaret (NO WAY!) – They have been the only two to have lasted the whole war, both have grown dramatically because of one-another, both enjoy each other’s company (and kisses), both seem to always be stuck in situations together and you know what they say – Opposites attract – they couldn’t be more opposite if they tried. They are perfect for one another. So do it – VOTE #1 H/M THEORY!
'Comrades in Arms' HANK AND DARLENE!
'Peace On Us' Dreaming in Colour
'Images' Why should I get upset about a dog? 'Alcoholics Unanimous' COME ON IN TAKE OFF YOUR SKIN AND RATTLE AROUND IN YOUR BONES!
'C*A*V*E' Sharing our favourite irrational fears...which happen to be very real 'Aid Station' Chivalry isn't's just been replaced by exhaustion
'What's up Doc?' Trading Boots in for Booties 'Carry On Hawkeye' I want mine in my Tushie!
'Bulletin Board' FALL IN!
The quality of fan fiction has slipped in recent months...but these are the few stories that have had a profound affect on me. Their quality is outstanding, plots thrilling and some endings...surprising. Some het, some slash, some just general angst...but all come highly recommended and a few of the truly good stories left out there. And yes...nearly all are rated R...but all the good ones generally are...

Blackout Conditions - By Hawkeye's Martini (rated R)
Missing Hawk - By Mariole (HM, angst)
Residual Damage - By Djinn (HM, rated R)
The Last Lesson - By Thorn-bird (rated R)
Free Falling - By Samantha Caldwell (HM, angst, rated R)
When it all came crashing down - By Fallen Hawk (slash, rape, rated R)
Too Little Too Late - By Jessica & Krystin (HM, angst, character death, rated R)