The Lunar Rendezbrew Challenge: an opportunity for Houston-area homebrew clubs to show off their brewing prowess. Each club submits the beer of choice (one 5 gallon Cornelius keg per club) to be judged by the Rendezbrew attendees. The winning club takes home bragging rights for the year and a special trophy that's really out of this world!

Lunar Challenge Winners

Year Description Entry Name Brewer(s) Club
Bohemian Pils Foam Rangers
India Pale Ale Cascade Ale Kuyler Doyle
Kari Doyle
Foam Rangers
Northern German Pilsner Bernard Bottom Pils Keith Johnson
Valroy Maudlin
Brew Bayou
Classic American Pilsner Extra Special Pre-Pro Guy Munster
Don Pearson
Bay Area Mashtronauts