Pop sensation JESSICA SIMPSON and her sister ASHLEE, who stars in 'The Hot Chick" with ROB SCHNEIDER, took ET out for a little holiday beauty shopping at the leading retail chain Sephora.

"NICK (LACHEY) is a very man's man, "Jessica told ET about her new hubby, "He will just go to Rite Aid and get his lotion and shaving gel.  He's not into this stuff, so I always try to go makeup shopping without him."

This was the first time Jessica and Ashlee had gotten together to hit the stores for the holidays because Jessica has been busy baking Christmas cookies and making dinner for Nick.  Not that she is a domestic goddess by any means -- and she is the first to admit it.  She lets Nick take care of the other household drudgery.  She just cooks.

"Ashlee and I love to shop together," Jessica laughed, "but sometimes we fight over who gets what."

That wasn't a problem at Sephora, which definitely has enough to go around.  The sisters' first stop was at the Bourjois counter.  Jessica surprised ET when she whipped out a page torn from
Us Weekly featuring a photo of JENNIFER LOPEZ from 'Maid in Manhattan."

"We all have to look like Jennifer," Jessica said, as she made sure she picked up the right lip-gloss ---
Bourjois Effet 3D No. 97.

Then it was on to select a gift for her mother-in-law, KATE.  The new bride opted for a basketful of products made by Bliss, a favorite cleleb spa in New York.

"She has a stressful life with two little kids," Jessica explained. "She just wants to relax.  She asked for spa treatments, and I'm going to get her that, but I am also going to get her some home treatments."

So what does Jessica want for the holidays?

I had to make a Christmas wish list this year and it was so hard for me," she revealed. "I just got married, so I have my registry and I've received so much stuff in the past two months, I couldn't think of anything but a brown leather jacket -- and there was a cute little handbag."

So what is she buying for her honey?

"I'm sending him to golf camp," she shared. "There is a big camp in Las Vegas and he wants to improve his game.  My sister-in-law is sending her husband, too."

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In The Skin, and her book
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