Maskkasm's Rapier Fencing Page
This will be an ongoing labour of love. Please be patient and not too judgemental. As well, fencing is DANGEROUS. Do not fence or attempt to practice these techniques unless you are supervised by a trained professional. You must be a consenting adult to continue reading this site. You accept all responsibilities and absolve the owner of this site of all blame by continued reading of this site.
Welcome to my site. It is largely dedicated to my new passion, rapier fencing. Although I am recently arrived to this martial pursuit, I do have some martial art experience. I have practiced TKD for over 14 years, Kendo for approximately 2 (on and off), some Judo and Jujitsu. So, I may not be an expert in fencing but I do believe I know a bit about how the body moves. My fencing experience has been restricted to the SCA style of Rapier play but I am interested in other styles so I sometimes spar against individuals from other systems/schools.
In my not so extensive experience with fencing I have come to a conclusion. There is very little taught about attacking. Now I realize that most masters taught that defending and countering were better than attacking, but if everyone defends then we have an impasse. So I have decided to start this site as a showcase for attack sequences for rapier fencing. But what if you became really good at attacking? The trick to attacking effectively is to not get poked by your opponent when you begin you assault. I realize that assault is a strong verb. I used it purposely. You need to attack all out. This does not mean uncontrolled and wild. What this means is that you cannot hold back, you must commit. As well, it has been my experience that you should plan two attack techniques in order  to be successful. For example, you thrust to your opponent's head which he parries. Press your attack with a second strike/thrust while keeping track of his weapon. Your opponent will be too pressed to counter and you will overwhelm his defences.
If you are a purist then I would recommend stopping any further perusal of this site. I will be posting many sequences that are not period and that will likely anger you.  What I hope to do is generate discussion, and hopefully, encourage viewers to submit their own sequences which will be posted here. The only caveat is that all techniques are to be done with rapiers or schlagers, no epees or foils. I am not being a snob. Not all techniques are universal and my interest lies with rapiers whose blades weigh and behave differently from other swords. As well, many of the techniques will have flaws but here is a little secret, there is no perfect technique. There is a counter and a danger to every attack or defence. Anyways, my fingers (actually finger), is getting tired.  Oh, and by the way, for those of you who view this page and snicker with contempt and say to themselves how they are better than, I say great. I know I am a beginner. But I also know that you probably haven't bothered to share your greatness to the world either. So.. if you are better, or can do better, make your own website. Too many people spend their time criticizing other people's contributions. Is it because they know that they themselves can do no better? On to the good stuff.