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Hello, and welcome to my home page! Take off your shoes, get comfortable and stay awhile. As this site continues to evolve, you can never tell what you may find here. At the moment, it gives insight into my hobbies and interests, along with a smattering of family history. In that sense, it is more a personal page today than anything else; but it keeps evolving, and tomorrow, as it takes on a more definite direction and a more definable shape, who knows?!

But let me introduce myself. I'm a former public school teacher originally from South Carolina who left that time-honored profession to join the United States Navy in 1971. I subsequently retired from the Navy as a Chief Hospital Corpsman in 1993, after which I went back to school to follow some of my special interests, among which are photography, history (particularly the history of World War II in the Pacific), and computers.

As for work, I'm beginning to realize my dream. I'm employed by a small telecommunications company, where I manage their computers--the best job I can think of. And everyday is a challenge, just the way I like it.

But where am I, you ask? Well, I've lived here in El Cajon, California, a suburb of San Diego, with my wife Betty and son Karl since leaving the Navy, but we're no new-comers to this area; Betty and Karl have been in San Diego continuously since 1980, long enough to have forgotten the cold winters of our native South Carolina. We've truly fallen in love with Southern California sunshine, and it's difficult to imagine living anywhere else!

Drop by this site often, and be sure to visit the News page each time, or you may miss something. The link below labeled "My Family Tree Maker Page," is new, and I've put the Johnson/Ladeveze/Harper family tree on that page. It's different from my other links in that it refers to a page off site, but I give instructions on that page to help you return.

Hope you enjoy your visit to my home on the Web! When you're done, if you have questions or comments, just click on "Sign My GuestBook" below and leave your concerns, or write me at the email address below.


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