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Who is... Mason Rack ?
He is a local guy with incredible talent and passion for his music!

Mason was born in the Southport Hospital, Queensland, Australia and raised on jazz, rock and surfing. He looked set to have a career in surfing, but the lifestyle he was living had other ideas...
Singing in a heavy metal band, partaking in copious drinking and drug taking stripped him of all purpose and direction. Ten years slipped by in a blur. Mason is now happy to report 4 1/2 years of sobriety and being free of drugs.

Mason's dad, Billy Rack, was a multi-talented jazz musician, playing different instruments and performing in different areas of the stage. He was the nicest man Mason ever knew. Other influences include: Tom Waites, Tex Perkins, Jeff Buckley, Ben Harper, Violent Femmes, Dave Mathews, etc etc.

The most exciting thing to happen to the band is Mason's new Weissenborn guitar - a lap slide guitar, the same type used by Ben Harper and Xavier Rudd. Mason's shows are spell-binding! He pumps out his music and people can't help but stare... he also does this drum thing in the audience, where he plays on the tables, chairs, walls, bar etc, only to return to the stage to duel it out with drummer extraordinaire, Jay Conway. It is a must-see thing!
The band have released 2 cd's - Night Train and Barefoot at Kirra.

Mason: "I can remember the first song i wrote. I had just broken up with a girl and wanted to express just how I felt in a song, I dont play it much these days but I still like it, and still remember how it felt to write it.......
A lot of songs have come from that space of hurt and heart break, for me it seems the pain helps to draw deep feelings,words,energy,momentum,and though heart broken I feel relief to have expressed myself ,to have unloaded the pain, to have voiced it,to have addressed it , and then to share it..
NOW ... my songs are NOT always about her leaving him or pain,today I like writing woven lyrics of life and success in hardship. Also , I like writing about a subject and bring it to life by calling it [the subject] she,or him...the connection between things in general and me [a human being] are very relavent......AND some songs are just fantasy........ I love getting lost in fantasy.REALLY......

Some people never go insane ,what truly awful lives they must live [from movie BARFLY]
be a human being, not a human doing.....
forever and beyond..... [gives a sense of eternal living,loving]
its better to love someone you can't have, than having someone you can't love[mum]
a day at a time..[ life]
shoot for the moon, if you miss at least you're up with the stars......
the vioce of god can be heard in my conscience [yours too]
to give something you really like or love is giving [true]
if you believe it then it is so.....
love is the all we all desire, no matter who you are or what you are
love can bring you home... faith saves lives.....
go hard, rock on, just get lots of sleep and eat fruit....[ha ha]

Check it out! It's real, live, living, music...

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