AU-KBC Research Centre,
	MIT campus of Anna University,Chennai, India. 600044
	e-mail   :,
	Phone   : 91 44 2223 2711 / 4885  Fax 1034
Academic Profile
 MS (by Research) Life Sciences and Bioinformatics (June 2001-Present)
	AU-KBC Research Centre, Anna University,( 
	Thesis : Modeling of myogenic response in smooth muscle cells of 
		 cerebral arteries 
	CGPA 8.0 / 10.0   
 M.Tech Biotechnology ( December 1999 - May 2001 )
	Jadavpur University,Calcutta, India. 
	Project : Studies on Production of beta- Lactamase by recombinant
		  E.coli DH5 in a Bioreactor
  	Percentage -76 ; Second Rank 

 B.Tech Dairy Science & Technology   ( April 1999 )
       	Kerala Agricultural University,  India. OGPA - 8.5 / 10.0  

Research experience
June 2001 - present, 
    Research Scholar,AU-KBC Research Centre of Anna University,Chennai 
	Project : Modeling vascular smooth muscle cells 
    	Supervisor :Dr.S.V.Ramanan (Wellcome Senior International Fellow)  

	Vascular smooth muscle cells form the basis for myogenic response 
	of smooth muscle in cerebral arteries,an important example of 
	co-ordinated response in tissues. It refers to 	the acute  reaction
	of a blood vessel to a change in trans-mural pressure. Blood vessel
	contracts when intra  vascular pressure is elevated and conversely
	dilates on reduced in pressure.	As compared to cardiac cells,there
	has been little quantitative modeling of smooth muscle. The steady
	state model that we have developed includes contributions from 
	voltage dependent L - type calcium channel, calcium induced ca 
	release from SR, membrane dependent ca released by iP3, ca diffusion
	and buffering, ca extrusion pumps & exchangers and ca dependent 
	maxi -K channels.Dynamics of other important ions are also included
	in the model through delayed rectifier K+ channels, inward rectifier
	K+ channels , Na-K pumps, Na-Ca exchangers and background currents.
Dec 2000 - May  2001
    Department of Life Sciences & biotechnology, Jadavpur University.
	M.Tech (Biotechnology) Project on "Studies on Production of beta- 
		Lactamase by recombinant E.coli DH5 in a Bioreactor " 
	Supervisor: Dr.Joydeep Mukherjee

	Characteristics of growth and synthesis of plasmid encoded protein
	were  studied for strains  of  recombinant E.coli DH 5 alpha  that 
	carried the beta Lactamase gene in pUC 19. Experiments in minimal 
	medium ( M9 ) with different carbon source were conducted in shake
	flasks and bioreactor (Chemap 3.5 L).Optimization of the bioreactor
	parameters and analysis of dissolved oxygen utilization and biomass
	production were also studied.

	S* online Bioinformatics certificate course (Feb 2003-June 2003)
		by S*Life Science Informatics Alliance (
	Indian Institute of Spices Research,( May 2000 - June 2000 )
		Department of Plant Biotechnology Summer Training Project
		on " Tissue Culture of Spices " 

	Defense Food Research Laboratory,Mysore.( Oct 01 - Nov 01 )
		Food analysis and quality Assurance 

	Development of a  Computer  Program  to predict the b-Lactamase 
	Activity on the Basis of Ampicillin Fluorescence Values`, H. V. Rao,
	A. M. Masood and J.Mukherjee. Journal of Fluorescence, Vol. 12, 
	No. 2, June 2002  

	'Kinetic kit of Genesis software ' in the " Mini Workshop on 
	Theoretical Biology: E cell,Virtual cell and Genesis" held at
	Institute of Mathematical Sciences,Chennai (22 - 28 June 2002)
	AU-KBC Research Centre Fellowship for MS(By Research)June 01-present 
	Qualified in All India Combined Biotechnology Entrance Examination 
		1999 conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru University and Department
		of Biotechnology (Govt. of India) for admission & Fellowship
		to pursue M.Tech Biotechnology at Jadavpur University.
		(Dec 1999- June 2001)     
	Qualified in Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE-2001) in
		Life Sciences conducted by IITs for Ministry of Human 
		Resources Development  (Govt. of India). 
	Selected for the Summer Research program 2001 at Center for DNA
		finger printing and Diagnostics,  Hyderabad for two months.

Technical skills
   	Electro physiology	: Patch Clamping 	
	Bio Reactor Technology  : Handling lab scale fermentors
        Microbiology 		: Isolation and maintance of culture.
 	Molecular Biology 	: Expression and purification of recombinant
				  protein in E.coli, PCR etc
Computer skills 
	Programming Languages 	: C, Perl, Shell Script
	Operating systems     	: GNU / Linux, DOS and Windows NT 4.0
	Relational Databases  	: MySql
	Bioinformatics Packages : EMBOSS, Genesis , Virtual Cell 

Extra curricular activities
	National Cadet Corps 'C' Certificate Holder, 
	National Service Scheme Class Leader.  
	Participated in East India Zone Inter University arts festival 
		Representing Jadavpur University for cartooning, poster 
		making & college making.Won prizes in Quiz competitions 

Personal details
	Date of Birth 	: 05 Feb 1977 
	Sex           	: Male
	Languages     	: English,Hindi,Malayalam,Urdu,Tamil
	Marital Status 	: Married

      	Dr. S.V.  Ramanan,
	Wellcome International Senior Fellow; Professor, Gopala Iyer Chair,
 	AU-KBC Research Centre,MIT campus of Anna University, Chennai,India.
	Dr. Joydeep Mukherjee,
	Lecturer, Dept Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Jadavpur University, 
	Calcutta 32, India