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Last updated 4/17/99

This is Kelsey Michael he is one of the two wonderful children that my darling Husband, Patrick, and I share. He is 4 years old and loves to play Bat man and Spiderman. He recently put in a request to change his name to D.O.S. Blue Bat. The request was denied!

This is Patrick Jr. He is 6 years old and in Kindergarten. He likes to play Crash Bandicoot on the play station, build with Lego's and make forts in his bedroom. He is also learning to be a great cook, he makes wonderful soup! (From the can of course!)

Weight loss

Follow along on my journey to a new and healthier me! Just click the link!

My Favorite Things



One of the best books that I have read in a while is Eternity by Maggie Shayne.  It is the story of an immortal witch that searches for her true love, a mortal man.  I read all 300 plus pages in one weekend!  What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson was also very good. I can not say how it compares to the movie, as I have not seen it!  Daniel Quinn's My Ishmael was also a wonderful book - although rather difficult to explain. My mind is still reeling - it is extremely though provoking - and is one I will definately read again as there is NO way I could have absorbed half of it!!!   Currently reading Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson - a co-author of The One Minute Manager.  It is a parable revealing the truths of change. It is pretty short book, about 2 mice and 2 tiny people in a maze trying to find their cheese.

I do love to craft!  My favorite is when my kids and I craft together. We made a great banner for their Nana when she hurt her back.  It was covered with gems, feathers, pompoms and even had some chocolates on it! When crafting with out the boys, I enjoy counted cross stitch and crochet. My current project is a 28"x16" (approx) counted cross stitch. It is a peacock sitting in a pear tree.  it will probably take me years to finish, it will be very beautiful!

Emergency house cleaning???              

Find out here what you can do when your neat as a pin friend announces she will be there in 15 minutes!!

Happy Easter & Passover to all!!

Here are the boys on Easter morning. As you can see by the chocolate all over Patrick's face, the baskets had already been attacked. We had an egg hunt in the front yard. Plastic eggs were filled with candy and toys. They had great fun. We were thankful that it wasn't raining, but it was sooo cold!!!

Some Of My Favorite Web Sites

I-chef - A  zillion recipes for almost anything!!

The Glass Guy
- here are some really awesome things that my dad does with glass!

Blue Mountain
- a ton of mostly free cyber cards

Weight Watchers
- a great organization that helps many lose weight and keep it off.

The Slob Sisters
- These sisters were total slobs until they got their act together and now they help others organize their lives and get their homes clean and clutter free!

The Clean Team
- This company has great cleaning products, reasonably priced and enviornmentally friendly. They have good info on Speed Cleaning, and every one should own a Sh-mop, check it out!

Puzzle maker
- This is a fun site where you can put in your own information and print out a puzzle.  My older son loves doing the word searches!!

- Children are worth saving

I feel good
- this is so cute, you just have to see it yourself!

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