Scroll down if you need a subpoena drafted and served in MA.
If you need a process server in Massachusetts who knows the rules of court that detail how court process is supposed to be served, be sure to visit the Massachusetts Notary Public & Legal Support Network.

We serve all of the following court paperwork in Massachusetts and parts of New Hampshire:

                - All Subpoenas (draft, issue and serve)
                - Federal Summons & Complaint
                - Divorce Process
                - Domestic Relations Summons
                - Divorce Summons & Complaint
                - Modifications
                - Child Support
                - Adoption
                - Probate Citations
                - All Pleadings / Notices
                - 14 Day Notice to Quit  (draft and serve)
                - 30 Day Notice to Quit (draft and serve)
                - All Process Under a 4c Motion

Our Network of process servers consist of Massachusetts Constables, process servers and deputy sheriffs.

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The Massachusetts Notary Public & Legal Support Network is authorized to issue subpoenas and witness summonses in Massachusetts. Our subpoena forms are issued by our competent public officers and are drafted by degreed paralegals.

All of our subpoenas comply with the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure (Mass.R.Civ.P.), Massachusetts Rules of Domestic Relations Procedure (Mass.R.Dom.P) and Massachusetts General Laws chapter 233 section 1.

We draft, issue and serve the following subpoenas:

                       - Subpoena Ad Testificandum
                       - Subpoena Duces Tecum
                       - Deposition Subpoena
                       - Witness Summons
                       - Government Agency Subpoenas (i.e., DTA)

If you would like to request a subpoena, please visit our Network's subpoena page at

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