What can massage really do?

Physical level:

Deep Relaxation
Stress Reduction
Relief of muscle spasm and tension
Reduced muscle tension
Relief of nerve intrapment
Greater joint flexability and range of motion
Promoted deeper and easier breathing
Better circulation of blood and lymph fluids
Reduced Blood pressure
Relief of tension or eye  strain headaches
Healthier better norished skin
Improved posture
Faster healing for pulled muscle and strained ligaments
Reduces pain, swelling, and formation of scar tissue following an injury
General health maitenence

Mental Level:
Relaxed state of alertness
Reduced mental stress
A calmer mind
Greater ability to monitor stress signals and respond apropriatly
Increased capacity for clearer thinking

Emotional Level:
Feelings of wellbeing
Reduced levels of anxiety
Increased awareness of body-mind connection
Enhanced self image
A sence of being unified and in harmony