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The aluminum industry has been the driving force in the history of the Massena area for more than 100 years. The growth of the local industry spurred the local population increase, job growth, overall economic expansion and greatly defined the culture of Massena and the surrounding area.

Massena Aluminum Historical Association

The Massena Aluminum Historical Association was started on January 10, 1987, to preserve the aluminum heritage of Massena and to honor the people in the industry by the collection of aluminum and printed materials. Relevant materials include: examples of products made at the local aluminum plants, articles showing the wide variety of uses of aluminum, and historical photos or written records showing the significance of the local aluminum industry to residents personal lives and the overall economy and culture of the area. The association relies primarily upon the private donations to add to its collections.

Association Logo and Motto

The association's logo, as shown above, shows a crucible pouring molten aluminum into a pot. The symbol of the crucible and pot were chosen to represent the most important smelting operation which takes place at the Massena aluminum industries. A photo showing actual crucibles and pots are given on the Historical Pictures page. The Association's motto, Preserve Our Aluminum Heritage, conveys the urgency of remembering and passing on an appreciation of an important part of Massena's past.

Association Activities

The Association has participated in many area events, including:

The Massena Chamber of Commerce Heritage Festival,

Festival of North Country Folklife

Massena Reynolds Metals 30th Anniversary

Alcoa 100th Anniversary, 1988

Alcoa Massena Operations 100th Anniversary, July 6, 2002

Annual Holiday Open House the first Sunday in December, held in the Association's wing

Members have given talks in local schools, given numerous other exhibits in the area, and given guided tours of the Association's permanent exhibits. The Association succeeded in having 12 miles of the local State Route 37 near the aluminum industries named "Aluminum Workers Memorial Highway by the New York State Legislature on June 29, 1994. The Association moved into the rear wing of the Massena Town Museum at 200 East Orvis St. in 1997. In 2000, the association was awarded a Certificate of Commendation by the Regional Council of Historical Agencies.

Membership Information

Individual membership dues are $5.00 per year. Upon joining, new members receive a cap bearing the association's logo. Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month except January and July, at 1:00 P. M. in the association's wing at 200 East Orvis Street, Massena. Anyone wishing to become a member and/or make a donation of material to the association can contact the association by any method listed on the Contacts page. The Association is grateful to the sponsor fees given by Alcoa, General Motors, and the New York Power Authority annually. The Association is financially separate from the Massena Town Museum and pays a nominal fee for rent.