Welcome to Massiel's Sailor Moon World

Hello and welcome to Massiel's Sailor Moon World!

There are currently over 100 pictures, 41 midis, 200 lyrics pages, and much much more!

 Where shall we go, my Royal Highness?

- Sailor Moon Music - Music, Mp3s, Lyrics, and Music Sheets

- The SM Fun Center - Learn how to say SM phrases in several languages, how to write Japanese, and many other projects such as making your own Sailor Moon bookmarks. Includes Sailor Moon Fanfiction.

- The SM Galleries- Over 100 pictures and counting of your favorite SM characters!

- SM Multimedia - Wavs, Movie Clips, and so much more.

- The Sailor V Manga- Summaries of the manga and articles on the one they call Sailor V. Includes article on how to write Sailor V in Japanese.

- Information Center - Want to see the Japansese ads that were put on magazines to promote SM? Some weird but cool SM Guides.

- What is Sailor Moon? - A newbie guide to Sailor Moon.

- SM Games - Some roms to play, with many articles annd links relating to SM Games. Includes original SM games created by fans.

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