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When awaiting my replies by email, please make sure to check your spam folders; especially, if you use AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo or other email providers. These websites may automatically misplace email messages addressed to you into spam folders

 To arrange and speed up scheduling of your massage with me, please consider checking your email every 2-5 hours or at least once in 24 hours once you have emailed me your request to schedule your massage with me. In addition, please make sure to check your spam folder for my reply in case you donít find my replies in your inbox.

 Please Remember: When you are at the front door of my building (1476 Warrensville Manor {Warrensville Center Road}), you will need to dial # 104 on the front keypad, which is internal code to ring my phone, but report to suit # 108 on the first floor.

The entry system in my building relies on my phone line so please remember that you cannot talk with me on the phone while punching #104 on the front keypad because you will hear busy signals. Entry is granted only when the phone is free. Once you have entered the front door,  you are facing the hall ahead of you, please proceed through the hall to suite # 108.  

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How I may serve your interest

I am Bob

I am using sport massage techniques during my massage sessions. My massage aids blood circulation in the body and prevents body injuries thereafter.

I give massages to relieve stress, back pain and tension in upper and lower body. During my sessions I am mainly focusing on tension-accumulated areas, such as shoulders upper, mid and lower back, lumbar region, hips,  front and back of legs, thighs , calf muscles and feet. Sessions last 1:30-2:00 hours and are designed for total body relaxation, muscle sores and stress relief.  I massage lower stomach, but I am mostly concentrating on the areas that prone to accumulate tension, such as neck, shoulders back, back /front of legs and feet.


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Session rates

I designate  my rate $10 (ten) for 1:30-2 hours massage session because I am not sure how greatly you would benefit out of my massage and how long you feel these benefits. However,  I want to ensure you would certainly feel much better after your massage, but I am not sure how long benefits would last. In case you are through your session and are not completely satisfied for any unclear reason, you do not need to pay me at all.

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My tentative Schedule

I would be glad to see you for your session on one of the following days and hours in only case I am not already booked up. The following schedule works best in case you would like to book up your session 3-7 days or longer in advance. However, you may try scheduling for the same day with no advance notice and I would see you if I am available.

Usual availability:


Sat, Sun, anytime from 10:30am to 9::30pm,

Mon,  Fri, anytime from 6:45pm to 9:30pm,

Tue-Thurs from 4:45/5:00pm to 9:30pm


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Important notes:


Massage could cause an erection in some folks. You do not need to be ashamed if you are getting an erection during your massage because erection is natural during massage and erection may also be a sign of benefiting from full body massage.

I mostly use Swedish Efflaurage Massage Oil to moisturize the skin during my massage sessions. In case you do not feel comfortable to be totally uncovered for your massage, you may keep your underwear on. I would like to note that shoulders, upper and lower back, thighs, upper legs and calf muscles are the most tension-accumulated areas of the body.

Post-Massage Care

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Satisfying your needs and preferences

In case you are interested in getting together with me for your initial massage session please help me determine your needs and preferences by indicating your brief answers to the following questions.

To save your time please respond briefly by indicating question number followed by (Y, N) or your brief answer.

  1. Are you interested in solely therapeutic massage or combination of therapeutic and sensual massage? Typically, sensual massage involves focusing on the areas that are not typically receiving much attention during pure therapeutic massage, such as gluts and lower abdomen areas

  2. Are there any particular body parts you want me concentrating during your massage session?

  3. Will you be able to position on your front for about 30-45 minutes while I am focusing on your shoulders, back, hips, legs and feet?  Please let me know if 30-45 minutes is too long for you to position face down.

  4. Are there any body parts you do not want me to massage?

  5. Do you expect me to apply deeper or lighter muscular tissue massage, especially when I am concentrating on your upper, mid and lower back?

  6. Would you mind me using massage oil to smooth skin and prevent dry effects on the skin during your session?

  7. Would you like to use a head rest cradle, which can be optionally attached to a massage table to support your head or just a pillow, which you can put under your head in the time you are positioning on your front.

        If you are not sure of the answer at this time please disregard this question for now and we will determine it during the session.


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My Location

1476 Warrensville Center Road in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. It is on the corner of Mayfield and Warrensville Center Road, The building "Warrensville Manor 1476" is located next to Subway shop, BP station is on the opposite side. As the numbers on the front keypad and suite numbers don't match, please buzz me at #104 to make your presence known, but you need to report to #108, which is the suite on the first floor.

Please be aware of the following when entering my building:

When you are at the front door of my building, you will need to dial # 104 on the front keypad, which is internal code to ring my phone, but report to suit # 108 on the first floor


Please use my zip code 44121 if you want to look up driving directions to my place in Cleveland Heights on the Net.


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How to get in touch



A few testimonials on my massages from people who have seen me

From: Joe D.

To: Robert <>

Subject: Massage


 Thanks for the session on Saturday.  That was the first Saturday session that I ever had with you.  The session with you was great.  Lots of work on my back and gluts felt wonderful.  My back feels great now I look forward to next time. . 

See you soon


 Re: massage

From: "DaveM" Add sender to Contacts


Hi Bob,

Your massage helped my back greatly. I slept great that night.

Hope you see it out there.

I'll schedule another appointment soon.


Re: Massage

From: "Ken" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: "Robert" <>
Subject: RE: Massage...

Wow! I woke up this morning and my 65 year old back felt 10 years younger. Your gifted hands are both healing and sensual. I look forward to another session when I get back from my trip in about 2 weeks. Thanks- Ken


From: "todd"   Add to Address Book  Add Mobile Alert 


Subject: RE: Massage...

  Hi Rob, I feel very relaxed after your massage. The WHOLE massage was

great, I did feel great afterwords. I will contact by the end of this week to schedule another massage.    Todd

From: "John"  Add to Address Book  Add Mobile Alert 

Subject: Re: Massage...


hey bob--

Loved your massage last time...

Feel relaxed all over, backache and tension is gone, not sure for how long though.

it was great. Obviously, would have to see more regularly to keep the benefits.

I will be scheduling with you again in a week or so


 From: "Richard" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
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Subject: Hi
To: "Robert" <>

My back felt great after I left you on Sunday.
Thanks for the hard work. I appreciate your efforts and my body really enjoyed it.
I am looking forward to seeing you again in weeks.

From: "Sean" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: "R. R." <>
Subject: You

Hey there, Bob --

The massage was very relaxing ... as I expected, I slept
really well. No concerns. I appreciate you!
See you in two weeks.


From Rick
Subject : RE: hey

Thanks again for another great massage. I feel much better!
I'll email u soon.

From: Jeff Add to Address Book
Subject: No Subject

Hi Robert

Just wanted to say thanks, the massage was great. I definitely will be coming back for another as soon as i get the time.



From: "Mike" Add to Address Book
Subject: Thanks for the massage
To: "R. R."

Thanks for the massage last night. You did an
excellent job. I really appreciate it. You
concentrated on my lower back just like I hoped.
Thanks again and keep up the good work.


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One thing to let you know beforehand

I have to tell you something before we proceed.

I need to inform you that I have slight speech impediment, which does not prevent me from giving massages for ten years now.  I want to ensure you will be able to understand me very well as people usually understand me with no problem.


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