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MJCL Convention 2003
May 17th 2003

"We've got spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit, how about you?"
High schoolers: "WE'VE GOT MORE! WE'VE GOT MORE!"

1) Introductions

The meeting was called to order around 12:30 pm. Yay for the cool new slashers who ate with us in the meeting room! Welcome to Yomari (will be at Harvard), Anna (will be at Williams), and Steven (undecided)!!! webmaster--please add these three to the mailing list. Their emails should be at the top--I have sent a copy of this email to them) Others in attendance: Russell, Ryan, Derek, Mark, Matt, Soren, Tiffany, Erica, Viet, Lisa, and Denis.

2) Constitutional amendment

It passed, unanimously! Here's the official wording, as typed up by Tiffany: After each national convention, the treasurer shall determine the amount of the treasury to go to reimbursement for those members that attended NSCL National Convention. This amount is to be half of the balance at the time of convention. The treasurer will then divide up the amount in such a way that each member is reimbursed for the same percentage of his or her net expense. Net expense is defined to be the cost of convention plus travel (plane, bus, or train fare, or gas + accommodations) minus any amount contributed by another organization (e.g. NSCL).

3) Elections

Elections are easy when only one person runs for each office! Way to go guys!! :)
Here are the officers for next year:

President: Tiffany
VP: Mark
Secretary: Matt
Editor: Ryan
Webmaster: Viet
Social Chair: Amanda
Member at Large: Lisa
Sub Toga: Erica

4) Question for Fu

Yes, there are so few numbers on these minutes, I decided Fu gets his own. Are you going to Convention this year, cause we heard that you aren't!! ( If not, is someone going to be taping That's Entertainment?

5) NJCL Convention

OK, so this wasn't part of the meeting... but I was just wondering: who's going to Convention in San Antonio? Russell and me are the only ones I know of...let everyone know!

6) Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 1:12 pm
It's been fun doing the minutes! Have a great summer, everyone! Vale!

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