Men's Power Exchange (MPX)
  is a new group forming for men
  in  the greater Boston area
  interested in exploring power-
  exchange relationships with
  other  men and who want to
  deepen friendships with those
  who share similar interests.

  For more information, go to
  or send email to info atsign

MAsT: Boston is a discussion and social group for gay and bisexual men interested in or living in a Master/slave or other type of Dominant/subfmissive relationship.  MAsT: Boston is a chapter of MAsT International National The chapter was established in 1999 and is about living the reality, or at the very least exploring the issues around living the reality of consensual power-exchange relationships. 

As of March 15, 2009, the group has decided to broaden the scope in order to be perceived as more inclusive of other types of Dominant/submissive relationships.  As a result, the chapter has been placed into an inactive status (hiatus) while the group explores the formation of a new structure that is perceived as more inclusive by those we serve.

Ultimately we want to move forward toward better serving gay and bisexual men who are genuninely interested in power exchange relationships.

Men's Power Exchange (MPX) is forming to fill this need.

As of February 2009,
MAsT: Boston was the 4th longest continually functioning MAsT chapter.
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