Justin's new Page
If you have any suggestions, email me at master69r@yahoo.com and I might think about getting around to it.
My page of IB files
Shrine to the TI
My page of IB stuff, including essays and other such things done during the tumultuous period of my life in the International Baccalaureate program.
A small shrine to the TI-86
It seems to me that I still have a guestbook, so if you want to sign it or something, go for it.
People have entered my domain
Yah, it's still under construction, so bear with me
The University of Alberta
The University of Alberta
Check out the Quadcam, a webcam looking over the central area of the U of A campus known as "Quad".
I am currently attending the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta, studying Engineering.  You will find links to both the University webpage and the Engineering webpage below, as well as the Quadcam.
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