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Air Force Planes!



F-15 Eagle

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Primary function: Tactical fighter

Primary function: Tactical fighter

Contractor: McDonnell Douglas Corp.

Power plant: Two Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220 or 229 turbofan engines with afterburners

Thrust: (C/D models) 23,450 pound each engine

Wingspan: 42.8 feet (13 meters)

Length: 63.8 feet (19.44 meters)

Height: 18.5 feet (5.6 meters)

Speed: 1,875 mph (Mach 2.5 plus)

Maximum takeoff weight: (C/D models) 68,000 pounds (30,844 kilograms)

Ceiling: 65,000 feet (19,812 meters)

Range: 3,450 miles (3,000 nautical miles) ferry range with conformal fuel tanks and three external fuel tanks

Crew: F-15A/C: one. F-15B/D/E: two

Armament: One internally mounted M-61A1 20mm 20-mm, six-barrel cannon with 940 rounds of ammunition;

four AIM-9L/M Sidewinder and four AIM-7F/M Sparrow air-to-air missiles, or eight AIM-120 AMRAAMs, carried


Unit Cost: A/B models - $30.1 million;C/D models - $34.3 million (flyaway costs)

Date deployed: July 1972


F-16 Fighting Falcon

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Primary Function: Multirole fighter Builder: Lockheed Martin Corp

Primary Function: Multirole fighter Builder: Lockheed Martin Corp.

 Power Plant: F-16C/D: one Pratt and Whitney F100-PW-200/220/229 or General Electric F110-GE-100/129

Thrust: F-16C/D, 27,000 pounds

 Length: 49 feet, 5 inches (14.8 meters)

Height: 16 feet (4.8 meters)

Wingspan: 32 feet, 8 inches (9.8 meters)

 Speed: 1,500 mph (Mach 2 at altitude)

 Ceiling: Above 50,000 feet (15 kilometers)

 Maximum Takeoff Weight: 37,500 pounds (16,875 kilograms)

Range: More than 2,000 miles ferry range (1,740 nautical miles)

Armament: One M-61A1 20mm multibarrel cannon with 500 rounds; external stations can carry up to six air-to-air missiles, conventional air-to-air and air-to-surface munitions and electronic countermeasure pods Unit

cost: F-16A/B , $30.1 million; F-16C/D, $34.3 million (2000 dollars)

Crew: F-16C, one; F-16D, one or two

Date Deployed: January 1979


F-117 Stealth Fighter

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Primary Function: Fighter/attack

Primary Function: Fighter/attack

Contractor: Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Co.

Power Plant: Two General Electric F404 engines

Length: 65 feet, 11 inches (20.3 meters)

Height: 12 feet, 5 inches (3.8 meters)

Weight: 52,500 pounds (23,625 kilograms)

Wingspan: 43 feet, 4 inches (13.3 meters)

Speed: High subsonic

Range: Unlimited with air refueling

Armament: Internal weapons carriage

Unit Cost: $45 million

Crew: One

Date Deployed: 1982

Inventory: Active force, 55; ANG, 0; Reserve, 0




A-10 Thunderbolt

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Primary Function: A-10 -- close air support, OA-10 - airborne forward air control

Primary Function: A-10 -- close air support, OA-10 - airborne forward air control

Contractor: Fairchild Republic Co.

Power Plant: Two General Electric TF34-GE-100 turbofans

Thrust: 9,065 pounds each engine

Length: 53 feet, 4 inches (16.16 meters)

Height: 14 feet, 8 inches (4.42 meters)

Wingspan: 57 feet, 6 inches (17.42 meters)

Speed: 420 miles per hour (Mach 0.56)

Ceiling: 45,000 feet (13,636 meters)

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 51,000 pounds (22,950 kilograms)

Range: 800 miles (695 nautical miles)

Armament: One 30 mm GAU-8/A seven-barrel Gatling gun; up to 16,000 pounds (7,200 kilograms) of mixed

ordnance on eight under-wing and three under-fuselage pylon stations, including 500 pounds (225 kilograms) of

Mk-82 and 2,000 pounds (900 kilograms) of Mk-84 series low/high drag bombs, incendiary cluster bombs,

combined effects munitions, mine dispensing munitions, AGM-65 Maverick missiles and

laser-guided/electro-optically guided bombs; infrared countermeasure flares; electronic countermeasure chaff;

jammer pods; 2.75-inch (6.99 centimeters) rockets; illumination flares and AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles.

Crew: One

Date Deployed: March 1976

Unit Cost: $8.8 million

Inventory: Active force, A-10, 143 and OA-10, 70; Reserve, A-10, 46 and OA-10, 6; ANG, A-10, 84 and

OA-10, 18



B-1B Lancer

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Length: 146 feet (44

Length: 146 feet (44.5 meters)

Wingspan: 137 feet (41.8 meters) extended forward, 79 feet (24.1 meters) swept aft                                                

Height: 34 feet (10.4 meters)

Weight: Empty, approximately 190,000 pounds (86,183 kilograms)

 Maximum Takeoff Weight: 477,000 pounds ((216,634 kilograms)

 Speed: 900-plus mph (Mach 1.2 at sea level)

 Range: Intercontinental, unrefueled                                            

 Ceiling: More than 30,000 feet (9,144 meters)

 Power plant: Four General Electric F-101-GE-102 turbofan engines with afterburners

 Thrust: 30,000-plus pounds with afterburner, per engine

 Crew:  Four (aircraft commander, pilot, offensive systems officer and defensive systems   officer)                                               

 Armament: Up to 84 Mark 82 conventional 500-pound bombs, or 30 CBU-87/89/97, or ZX JDAMS. Also can be reconfigured to carry a wide range of nuclear weapons

 Unit Cost: $200-plus million per aircraft                                              

Inventory: Active force, 51 primary mission aircraft inventory (PMAI), 71 (actual), 2 (test)



B-2 Spirit

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Primary function: Multi-role heavy bomber

Primary function: Multi-role heavy bomber.

Prime Contractor: Northrop Grumman Corp.

Contractor Team: Boeing Military Airplanes Co., General Electric Aircraft Engine Group and Hughes Training

Inc., Link Division

Power Plant: Four General Electric F-118-GE-100 engines

Thrust: 17,300 pounds each engine

Length: 69 feet (20.9 meters)

Height: 17 feet (5.1 meters)

Wingspan: 172 feet (52.12 meters)

Speed: High subsonic

Ceiling: 50,000 feet (15,152 meters)

Takeoff Weight (Typical): 336,500 pounds (152,635 kilograms)

Range: Intercontinental, unrefueled

Armament: Conventional or nuclear weapons

Payload: 40,000 pounds (18,144 kilograms)

Crew: Two pilots

Unit cost: Approximately $1.3 billion

Date Deployed: December 1993

Inventory: Active force: 20; ANG: 0; Reserve: 0


B-52 Stratofortress

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Primary Function: Heavy bomber

Primary Function: Heavy bomber

Contractor: Boeing Military Airplane Co.

Power plant: Eight Pratt & Whitney engines TF33-P-3/103 turbofan

Thrust: Each engine up to 17,000 pounds

Length: 159 feet, 4 inches (48.5 meters)

Height: 40 feet, 8 inches (12.4 meters)

Wingspan: 185 feet (56.4 meters)

Speed: 650 miles per hour (Mach 0.86)

Ceiling: 50,000 feet (15,151.5 meters)

Weight: Approximately 185,000 pounds empty (83,250 kilograms)

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 488,000 pounds (219,600 kilograms)

Range: Unrefueled 8,800 miles (7,652 nautical miles)

Armament: Approximately 70,000 pounds (31,500 kilograms) mixed ordnance -- bombs, mines and missiles.

(Modified to carry air-launched cruise missiles, Harpoon anti-ship and Have Nap missiles.)

Crew: Five (aircraft commander, pilot, radar navigator, navigator and electronic warfare officer)

Accommodations: Six ejection seats

Unit Cost: $74 million

Date Deployed: February 1955

Inventory: Active force, 85; ANG, 0; Reserve, 9



C-5 Galaxy

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Primary Function: Outsize cargo transport

Primary Function: Outsize cargo transport

Prime Contractor: Lockheed-Georgia Co.

Power Plant: Four General Electric TF-39 engines

Thrust: 43,000 pounds, each engine

Wingspan: 222.9 feet (67.89 meters)

Length: 247.1 feet (75.3 meters)

Height: 65.1 feet (19.84 meters)

Cargo Compartment: height , 13.5 feet (4.11 meters); width, 19 feet (5.79 meters); length, 143 feet, 9 in (43.8


Pallet Positions: 36

Maximum Cargo: 270,000 pounds (122,472 kilograms)

Maximum Takeoff Weight: C-5B 769,000 pounds (348,818 kilograms) (peacetime), 840,000 pounds

(381,024 kilograms) (wartime)

Speed: 518 mph (.77 Mach)

Range: 6,320 nautical miles (empty)

Crew: 7 (pilot, co-pilot, two flight engineers and three loadmasters)

Unit Cost:C-5A - $152.8 million (FY98 constant dollars)

C-5B - $179 million (FY98 constant dollars)

Deployed:C-5A - 1969, C-5B - 1980

Inventory: unavailable


C-9 Nightingale

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Primary Function: C-9A, Aeromedical evacuation; C-9C, distinguished visitor support Contractor: Boeing Company

Primary Function: C-9A, Aeromedical evacuation; C-9C, distinguished visitor support Contractor: Boeing Company

Thrust: 14,500 pounds, each engine

Length: 119 feet, 3 inches (36.4 meters)

Wingspan: 93 feet, 3 inches (28.4 meters)

Height: 27 feet, 5 inches (8.4 meters)

Ceiling: 37,000 feet (11,277 meters)

 Maximum Takeoff Weight:C-9A, 108,000 pounds (48,988 kilograms); C-9C, 110,000 pounds (49,886 kilograms)

 Speed: 525 mph at 33,000 feet (455 knots true airspeed)

 Range: 2,500 miles

Crew: C-9A, Eight (pilot, co-pilot, flying crew chief, two flight nurses and three aeromedical technicians)

C-9C, Eight (pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer, communication systems operator, four in-flight passenger service specialists)

Load: C-9A, 40 litters or four litters and 40 ambulatory or any combination; C-9C, 12 passengers

Date Deployed:August 1968

Unit Cost: C-9A, $15.9 million; C-9C, $21 million

Inventory: C-9A, Active force, 20; Reserve, 0; ANG, 0; C-9C: Active force, 3; Reserve, 0; ANG, 0




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