Warning - this page is under constant construction, and right now that means that on a semi-irregular basis things are changing! You should probably hit "reload" every time you visit, just in case I add something interesting (yeah, that'll happen, sure).

What's new? Well, for one thing, I will now put the most recent changes here, so visitors will be able to see what has changed (sometimes it ain't much).

Recent changes (newest first):

So, I've decided a webpage is too much work. I'll still dabble here with things like the movie reviews, but for more up-to-date stuff, I'd recommend you check my blog. Of course, it's not updated all that often either.

Just for Kim, here's our house again.

Welcome to my home page. It's starting to take (poor) shape. You might want to check out my online charities page for information about helping worthy causes at no cost to yourself. If you want to offer me a job, look at my resume.

Here's my Geek Code:
GCS/S d- s+:+> a C++++$ UL++++ P+>+++ L++>++++ E W++ N+ o-- K--- w+>---
O M->+ V-- PS+ PE Y+ PGP !t 5++ !X R+ tv- b++ DI++ D++
G e++>+++ h--- r+++ y+++/*

Want a laugh? These are some online comic strips I like to follow every day (hmm - note to me: don't tell my bosses about this page...).

Due to job constraints, I won't be going to many sci-fi cons in the next couple of years. For historical reasons, here is the list I used to maintain...

I work heavily with the Linux operating system - in fact, I'm an RHCE and LPI certified (level 1). Basically, I have been working in computers for a long time (anybody else remember being excited by the blinding speed of 12 MHz machines?), and I grew sick of frequent crashes and incompatible applications. I still use WinDoze, I'm just not happy about it.

What else am I up to? Not a whole lot. I am a big fan of Aliens (the movie), though... For info on Aliens, look here.

I make my own chainmail, and here is a picture of the King's mail (8-in-2) shirt I made. I used aluminum rings, 1/2" interior diameter, blah, blah. More info to come later. In the meantime, if you want to know more about chainmail making, check here for lots of links (man, that's a bad pun!).

My sister has her own LARP game she runs, based on the White Wolf "Vampire: the Masquerade" Minds' Eye Theatre stuff. The web page for it can be found here or use this nifty link bar:

Woodstock LARP Society - Redemption

Oddly, I am apparently the king of a country that exists entirely on the internet, called Slabovia. They have an exceptionally outdated webpage, located here, which myself and a couple of my more-or-less loyal subjects may yet update. A new page will eventually appear here (except that link is currently dead!).

Boring Personal Stuff

I work for IBM, as an IT Auditor (which means I travel around a lot telling other people what they do wrong). I finally finished my "Diploma with Honours Standing" (fancy name for a second undergrad degree, in Computer Science) at the University of Western Ontario, and graduated in June of 2001. I also have a degree (B. Sc.) in Geology from Carleton University, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I am living and working in Toronto, Ontario. I live with my wife, Lynne (we got married October 27, 2001), who doesn't have a web page yet. We live with a variety of small animals, including 2 rabbits (Phantom and Luna and Elvira the hedgehog. No photos of the hedgehog yet. Er, actually, Lynne and the animals live in the house in Toronto, I live in a suitcase these days.

Want to know the weather in Toronto? Just click here. No particular reason this is here, I just love TheWeatherNetwork.com! :)

To comment on this piece-of-crud of a web-page, you can e-mail me here.

What am I reading? Look here.

What am I watching?(Movie reviews by a totally unqualified, opinionated goof!) These have been moved to their own page, here.

Where am I eating? (Restaurant reviews by the incredible walking stomach!) You can find reviews of a few Toronto restaurants here.


Yes, I have some. Just because it always annoys me when others do it (and I believe that if I have to suffer, then so does everyone else), I'm gonna link to their pages here. Before I do, I will point out two things:

  1. I didn't design any of these other web pages.
  2. "Any idiot can design a web page - in fact, most of them already have." [me, date unknown]

I'm not saying anyone has a bad web page. I'm just saying that some people's idea of what makes a web page good may differ from mine...

Anyway, without further ado, here's the web pages I can find for friends and relatives:

John Hammond, who Lynne and I met through my sister's Vampire game (see above). He's now linked back to my page, so I suppose I should write some more stuff about him. He's wierd - so much so that he'd probably fit into Slabovia. John, when (if) you read this, get in touch with us for citizenship! He's also a graduate of Brock University, in Theatre, but I don't hold either of those things against him.

Lenore, my sister, runs the above-mentioned Vampire LRP game. Lenore discovered role-playing games somewhat later than I did, but since has made up for that with a vengeance. Her husband, Dave, has a sort-of website.

Rankin is an old college room-mate from my first degree. Now, he regularly nukes himself (inside a reactor) for a living. He and his wife, Alexandra, are loyal (more or less) Slabovian citizens who live in Hamilton Brantford (don't let that scare you!). UPDATE (June 2003) - And baby makes three indeed! If you meet Rankin and Alex, congratulate them on the birth of little Spencer!!!

Speaking of old college room-mates, the third presence from Lebreton Street in Ottawa has made himself known on the net. Yes, Patrick Goddard now has a web page of his own. May God have mercy on all our souls...

Yet another "blast from the past" occurred recently, when I was contacted by James Farrow, who I met in second-year university. Apparently he's now living in Australia, where he is married and has a child of his own, a small boy named Joel (I think Joel's the kid and Jesse's the dog - they both drool). Congratulations!

Not doing anything with your computer at night? Join SETI@home! Check this link:

SETI@Home Web Site

If you see any spelling errors, please e-mail me ASAP. Spelling errors (and broken links) really bug me. Thanks.

Wonder why this page is so boring and taking so long to build? Well, disregarding for the moment any flakiness on Geocities' part, I'm coding the HTML for this entirely by hand. So, if you don't like it, leave.

This web page was coded using 100% pure standard HTML, so it should work with any web browser. Of course, as far as I'm concerned we'd all be a lot better off if Internet Exploiter just disappeared, but I'm pretty sure that Billy G. doesn't stay up late at night sweating about what I think.

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