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    Gor is a world. If you are visiting it, learn its

    laws and rules before you violate its tenants


    The Karian Notes: Rites page 1
    Edition 1.8


    You may judge and scorn Goreans as you wish.
    Know as well however that they judge and scorn you.
    They fulfill themselves as you do not.

    Hate them for their pride and power they will pity you
    for your shame and weakness.
    "Beasts of GOR", Page 11

    The Karian Notes are compiled data on the World of Gor, based on the books written by John Norman, with specific Book: Page reference listed where available. Additionally there is material extrapolated from the books, as well as useful information for use in living the Gorean Way, in our reality on Earth.

    We would like to thank all those who have come before us in their efforts to produce Gorean documents, many were anonymous and of the others, too numerous to accurately list here.

    The following material on Gor, ircGor, and living the Gorean Way on Earth, will give you the information to use the ways as you may wish. Enjoy!

    This material represents an on-going project to collate and bring forward for all to use the most comprehensive and accurate compilation of. However, we are only human, and humans do make mistakes, from time to time. Please bring forward to the editor's attention any inaccuracies or further material you might wish to see included, at

    The name, Karian Notes, derives from it's point of origin, #Port_Kar on DALNet, Gorean.Net, and AustNet, and the House of Kar.

    Ta Sardar Gor! Ta Thassa!

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