Spring Bow
With the rise of clockwork technology it did not take long to turn it's use from clocks and toys to weapons. The most successful of these weapons has been the SpringBow. A clock work device with a powerfully wound spring, that when realised launches a metal dart at high velocities down a long metal tube. The high velocity and long tube provide a surprising amount of penetration power and accuracy. Originally made in northern Jav, the last few year have seen them spread rapidly southwards were they have become popular in the Goblin kingdoms. Being still very complex to build, they are most often only in the hands of wealthy nobles. But there has be a few capable enough to arm small groups of soldiers and personal guards with them. In fact it is believed that it is do to the SpringBow that Harcon city has kept it's Independence from Jav.

Martial Weapon Ranged
Cost: 600gp Dmg(s): 1d8+2 Dmg(m): 1d10+2 Critical: 19-20/x2 Range: 100ft Weight: 10lb. Type: Piercing

Spring Bows get a non-magical +2 to hit when fired.
A Spring Bow is reloaded by winding up its crank and chambering a metal dart. Loading a Spring Bow is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. Operating a Spring Bow is just like a heavy crossbow (see pg. 115 PHB).
Spring Bow are designed to serve capably in close fighting as well as ranged. When not fired in close combat a Spring Bow functions as a Quarterstaff (see pg. 120 PHB). Proficiency in Spring Bow automatically allows its use in either form of combat.
Changes to Table 7-5 Weapons in PHB
just the things changed are listed.

Simple Weapons
(Mace, light) Mace, One-Handed, Dmg(m) 1d8
(Club) Light
(Mace, heavy) Two-Handed, Dmg(m) 1d10
(Morningstar) Morningstar / Spiked Club
(Dart) Wardart / Throwing Knife

Martial Weapons
(Hammer, light) Critical x3, Range Increment -
(Pick, light) *Taken off list*
*add* Cutlass, Light, 10gp, 1d4, 1d6+1, x2, -, 2lb, Slashing
(longsword) Standard Sword
(Pick, heavy) Pick
(Scimitar) Scimitar / Saber
(Falchion) One-handed, 20gp, Dmg(m) 3d3, x2, 6lb
*add* Ramdao 60gp, 1d8, 1d10, 18-20/x2, -, 8lb, Slashing

Exotic Weapons
(Nunchaku)*Taken off list*
(Sai)*Taken off list*
(Waraxe, Dwarven) AxeSword
(Urgrosh, Dwarven) Lucerne hammer
Add from Complete Warrior
Pick, dire
Hammer, double
Poleaxe, heavy

Add from Complete Adventurer
Broadblade Short Sword
Pole Arms are designed to serve capably in close fighting as well as have reach. When when engaged in close combat a Pole Arm functions as a Quarterstaff (see pg. 120 PHB). Proficiency in Martial Weapons automatically allows its use in either form of combat.

Pole Arms are Glaive/Partisan, Guisarme/Bill, Ranseur/Fork, Longspear, Heavy Poleaxe, Longaxe

A small blade or heavy iron cap added to the but end of a weapons shaft.

Exotic Weapon Light
Cost: 6gp Dmg(s): 1d4 Dmg(m): 1d6 Critical: x2 Weight: 1lb. Type: Piercing

A Butspike may be added to any two handed weapon and acts like a light weapon held in the off hand. They are exotic weapons due to the extra training required to use them.
Add to the end of Trident Description
When you use a trident two handed you gain a +2 bonus on opposed attack rolls made to disarm an opponent (including the roll to avoid being disarmed if such an attempt fails).
a: Elvish forked spear b: Guisarme, Anking c: Military Fork, Basteen d: Halberd, Zif Dar Darack e: Bill Hook, Trody f: Sword spear, Royal Anking Guard g: Glaive, Kerst h: Glaive, Ordrin i: Crusader spear, Jav j:Telvan hunting spear k: War-scythe, Jav l: Awl spike, Basteen m: Hooked pole axe, Ordrin n: Bill, Carlisle o: Ranseur, Zif Par Griff
Spring Bow of Cardinal Michael of St. Mercer for hunting rabbit.
A very rare single handed Spring Bow.