Skills and Equipment
Skill Additions and Modifications:

Knowledge: Clockworks (Int: Trained Only)
Craft: Clockworks (Int: Trained Only)
Simple item DC 20
Typical item DC 25
Complex item DC 30

The Language rule in the PHB is not being used. Instead, for each extra language you would normally get, you get a skill point. Languages are used just like all other skills. Each player starts with his or her own home language at 5 ranks.

Speak Language (Int: Trained Only)
1 rank: You just started learning "were is the bathroom?"
2 ranks: "Where are my pants?"
3 ranks: You have a basic understanding. "The bather room is down the
hall, around the corner, third door on the left."
5 ranks: You could be considered fluent.

Trade , Javin, Bast, Basteen , Ordrin , Lateen, Mage script , Goblin, Gnome , Trog, Dwarven, Elvish, Adarack , Fiend, Giant Plains, Archaic, Kreet, Pecora, Aquan, Draconic, Giant, Beast, Sylvan, Ghoulish, Ratish

Reading (Int: Trained Only)*
1 rank: You know your ABCs.
5 ranks: You have a full understanding.

You are considered literate (Reading 5 ranks) in any language you have 2 or more ranks in. you can also decide to be illiterate in all languages and gain 5 skill points. You can later become literate by learning Reading. Wizards and Clerics do not have the option to be illiterate.