New Rules for Spell Casters
Preparing Spells
no long are you required to rest for 8 full hours strait to regain spells. now you just need a good night sleep. taking a two hour guard rotation can be part of a good nights sleep if it is first or last watch. trying to sleep on sharp pointy rock might not be.
Preparation is now a universal 30 minutes for every one.

in addition to sleep there is also mana charge. time that a spell caster uses to restore used mana out side of sleep. it happens in many forms but the caster must be in a Preparation Environment as per the PHB page 178.
it takes 30 minutes of rest for each consecutive level of spell. (30 minutes for 1st lv. one hour for 1st and 2nd lv. one hour 30 minutes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd ect..). this restores all castable spells of that level. other words if you rest for 30 minutes you get back all your 1st lv spells. you do not get to re-memorize a new spell list, it just restores your spell list. time is required to replenish and clear the casters mind so you my not rest to regain spell mana with in two hours of the last time you rested.
(currently there is a limit of three times a day this can be done.)
you may spend one additional hour after you have fully restored mana to re-make your spell list.


jomama the 17th level Wizard will need to rest a full four and a half hours and then spend one hour preparing a new spell list in order to change his 9th level spell.

Zapy McZapzalot the 7th level Sorcerer has just used his last spell in a nasty ambush just after breakfast (one hour after he got up). so he decides it might be wise to replenish his spells before he goes on. not wanting to hold up the rest of the party to much longer he only spends 30 minutes resting to gain all his 1st Lv spells.
New Feats

Meditation [Metamagic]
you need less rest to regain spells.
Prerequisites: Iron Will, ability to cast 3rd level spells.
Benefit: through special meditation techniques you can half the time needed to regain mana. 30 minutes of rest to regain 2nd lv spells, one hour for 4th lv, ect...
this dose not affect sleep.

Restful Mind
you may make limited movement while resting to regain spells.
Prerequisites: Caster level 4th.
Benefit: you can walk and carry on light conversations while resting
to regain mana. all other restrictions apply.
New Magic Items

Lesser Mana Elixir
Lesser Mana Elixirs revitalize magical energies within the drinker.
this allows almost instant ability to relearned used spells with out
the need to rest. Lesser Mana Elixirs restore 10 Level Points. each
point is used to restore one point of spell level. spell level is the
level of each spell and must be bought as a hole for each spell. aka
Knock is Lv 2 thus costing two Level Points. 0 lv spells cost 1 Level
Point. any unused Level Points are lost. example: bob can relearn two
3rd lv three 2nd lv and three 1st lv spells for a total of 15 Level
relearning spells takes 15 minutes of study or concentration.
Light Evocation; CL 9; Craft Wonderous Item, 9 ranks Knowledge arcana,
religion, 7 ranks craft Alchemy; Price: 750gp

Mana Elixir
same as Lesser Mana Elixir but restores 15 Level points.
Moderate Evocation; CL 11; Craft Wonderous Item, 12 ranks Knowledge
arcana, religion, 10 ranks craft Alchemy; Price: 900gp

Greater Mana Elixir
same as Lesser Mana Elixir but restores 35 Level points.
Moderate Evocation; CL 13; Craft Wonderous Item, 15 ranks Knowledge
arcana, religion, 13 ranks craft Alchemy, Dragons Blood; Price: 1200gp

Superior Mana Elixir
same as Lesser Mana Elixir but restores 75 Level points.
Strong Evocation; CL 15; Craft Wonderous Item, 18 ranks Knowledge
arcana, religion, 16 ranks craft Alchemy, Dragons Blood; Price: 2400gp