History Timeline for AF: 0 - 1742

Date conventions are in the format of year - month - day, often (but not always) preceded by AF (After the Fires), BW (Between the Wars), or BT (Before Time). Most historians will start the current history with the end of the Second God War.

AF: 0 to 1300 (approx.)  Dark Age of Man
With the scattering of The Destroyer, the dark lord's armies fell to confusion and infighting, disbanding and leaving broken empires in their wake. This time is commonly known as the Dark Age of Man. During the Dark Age, humans, elves, dwarves and all the other races struggled to survive. From wandering monstrosities to roving war-bands, many terrors strode the land, and life was hard for all. Many new nations rose and fell, while what remained of the old nations strived to regain the past glory.

AF 1299-8-24 The Battle of Greenvelt
This battle, fought on the southern continent, marks the farthest extent of the Holly Empire of Jav. The border of the empire stretches from the Trody river in the south to the Sea of Ice in the north and from the Sea of Dust to across the Sea of Stars. Internal politics will keep it from expanding farther.

AF: 1442 to 1540  Dwarf-Elf Wars
It was some time in this year that the Dwarf-Elf Wars started. No one is quite sure how or why it began, but many scholars surmise that the dwarves (or elves) harbored an agent to the Dark God; within the year other countries were drawn into it.

AF 1443-5-3 The God King Benedict II
Benedict declares all non-humans unclean and forcefully evicts thousands from the capital city, Belus. The next day he declares war on the "unclean," and thus starts the Javian civil war. The country will tear itself apart in an orgy of death and destruction, but in the end the Order would rise anew.

AF: 1444-3-15  Razing of Kark Zargil
The last king of Gliffron, King Farseis betrayed his Dwarven allies and laid waste to Kark Zargil. This is the first recorded betrayal, but will not be the last. This war sees many such acts.

AF: 1448-3-15  Death of King Farseis

King Farseis is killed and the capital of Gliffron is raised. The Kingdom never recovered.

AF 1537 Crowning of Elsberg I
The long bloody civil war of Jav comes to an end. Though the war is over, Jav is but a shadow of its former glory. Many lands have had to be seceeded, Urdlen, Koterland, Alderos and Trody to name a few.

AF: 1540  Sealing of the Immortal Lands
At the great battle of Kell Dor Forest, the war came to an end. The battle was fought for three days; on the morning of the fourth both the elves and dwarves had disappeared.  All gates to the dwarven citadels were closed and the elves forests were barred. The war must have been costly, for both mighty kingdoms were nothing more than shadows of their former glory.

AF 1589-1594 Unification Wars
A series of short deceive wars see Jav regain of its old territory. The Protectorate of Alderos is crushed and the capital city is renamed St. Mercer.

AF 1651  Crowning of Elsberg III
The God King Elsberg II died leaving his son (a young and sickly man, prone to fits) as King.  Elsberg III soon fell under the sway of greedy nobles eager for more land and power.

AF 1652  Basteen Expansion

Basteen conquered the Trody River valley.

AF 1653-7 Elsberg's War
Under advice from his nobles, God King Elsberg III went to war with
the Empire of Basteen.

AF 1654-5  Battle of Greifodur
The Battle of Greifodur saw the Basteen 8th Legion destroyed, opening the way for Jav to advance to the Trody River.

AF 1655-1  Wheat Tax
Long supply lines and a stalemate in the fighting brought more taxes and tariffs. This was the 4th tax raise since the war started. It came to be known as the infamous Wheat Tax.

AF 1655-4-3  Wheat Tax Riots
The high cost of sowing fields due to the Wheat Tax caused riots to break out in several cities.

AF 1655-4-6  St. Clarice Massacre
Javian 44th Heavy Cavalry cut down a large mob of farmers and workers protesting outside of St. Clarice.

AF 1655-4-8  Merchant Rebellion
As news of St. Clarice spread, people rose up against the crown in what became called the great Merchant Rebellion. Within the week, a group of powerful merchants overthrew the king and set up a council to rule.

AF 1655-6-23  Battle of Barcoden
The last battle of Elsberg's War. The battle ended in a stalemate, both sides having fought to exhaustion.

AF 1655-6-26  Peace Accords of St. Clarice
Peace treaty signed between the new Merchant Council of Jav and the Empire of Basteen.

AF 1681  Expansion of Faith
Basteen invaded Tever, intent on capturing the lowland access to the Circle Sea.  Using Tever's religious inflexibility as an excuse for war, the Emperor of Basteen declared his crusade for the purpose of allowing the people to worship freely.

AF 1681-11-12  Battle of Saw Back Ridge
At the battle of Saw Back Ridge, the last stronghold of Trogs in Jav were destroyed.

AF 1681  Battle of Brok Antor
Basteen conquered Tever, leveling the last military outpost. The Emperor monitored churches in the area closely, yet gave the populus a fairly free hand in their personal dealings.

AF 1689  Age of Progress
With work started on the great canal running from St. Mercer to Hercon, a new age of trade is heralded in Jav.

AF 1708  Last Battle of Hercon
The last of the trog warbands was driven back across the Sea of Sand by Jav and Sarisan riders.

AF 1717 Koterland Uprising
The people of Koterberg Provence (formerly Koterland) attempts to break away from Jav and reinstate the grandson of their old King. A series of early successes help to bolster the cause, but infighting amongst their own leader soon brings it to an end. By the summer of 1718 the rebellion is over.

AF 1719 to 1737  The Trade Wars
A trade dispute along the Trody river escalated into war between Basteen and Jav.

AF 1723  Contract of Ordrin
The Kingdom of Ordrin entered the Trade Wars.

AF 1730  Treaty of South Ni
The Kingdom of Ordrin signed cease-fire and left the Trade Wars.

AF 1736  Year of Mage Law
Grand Sorcerer Harcon declared his city a free city under no rule but his own.

AF 1737  Treaty of Coins
Jav and Basteen signed Trade Wars cease-fire.
Dear Burne,

   I hope this letter finds you in good health. I have looked into those two lost cities as you requested. It has proven to be a bit more work than I had originally thought. Some of the books I had hoped to use seem to have gone missing from the library. Never-the-less, I forged on.
   First, let us go over Krelldarnk, "The City of Time". As legends would have it, Krelldarnk was a great City of Learning. In the middle of this city, there was a Great Tower used for many studies, two of which were the study of the Stars and the study of Time. - This part I found most intriguing: it is said that they had the power to stop aging, using something called "the Sands of Time", or "Krellprak" in the tongue of the Ancients. The city itself is said to have been lost when, during the Second God War, the "Gliffrons" (trans. "people of power") tried to take the Krellprak from the "Jerkertacs" (trans. "people of light"). Supposedly, the Gliffrons were corrupted by the Defiler, and were promised Eternal Life if they gave it to him. Unfortunately that was all I could find on the subject.
    As for Frairdarnk, "The City of Life", it was lauded as a City of Healing, Home of the Great Temple of Belas, where it was said that the Goddess herself once walked on its Golden Floors. Its loss is much more tragic. Most of its host gone to fight the Defiler's armies in the east. It looked like there was hope, for the battles were going in their favor. The city was acting as a Hospital for the wounded and refugees of the War, and was virtually defenseless. With what must have been a betrayal in some part, an Army of the Defiler got past the Griffon Mountains and struck south strait to Frairdarnk, catching the city almost completely by surprise. The defense was put up by the wounded and refugees, and though they fought bravely, it is needless to say it fell and was totally overrun with Trogs and Demons. It is said that when the temple was Defiled by a Great Demon that the whole city was swallowed up by the Earth to never be seen again.
    Well, I hope this somehow helps you in your endeavors. I just wish I could get you more information. I will continue to see what I might find, and will send it along as I do.

                                May Telas be with you.
                                    Your Friend and Humble Servent,
                                    Javar Kensok MC VII
                                    Head Librarian of StMercer"