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Builders Paradise. a great place for any one that likes Panzer General II
The ofical Dungens & dragons page
A graet story and were i get the name Master Yupa
were to go to get slak
Vixen Controolled Library. a great place to see furry art.
Online Comics
Elf Life
Sluggy Freelance
The Class Menagerie
Emperor Norton The first Emperor of the United States and portector of Mexico
OGRE Big tanks nuf siad.
Discordian Society Fnord
The Principia Discordia the Bibel of the Discodians
Squeeky Hollow Warhammer 40K site Photos of mine and my roomies warhammer armies. and we just added our campaign
Dragon tails
Bad Bunny
Lovarian Adventures
Live journal um... ya. My livejournal if your interested. Not that i post much.
Studio Foglio The home of Girl Genius, Phil & Dixie and Buck Godot
Pics Were to go and see more pics of me and my house hold.
Institute of Official Cheer Miss the 50's go here.
Sextoys Oh come on.. you'll love it. heheheh....
Stuff at the bottom of the page. Just because I can. So ha!  And sign my gusetbook damit!
myles my roomates page.
Evil Over Lord List What every overlord should know
En World
Possibly the best DnD3e information site on the internet