Religion 101
(or what any peasant would know if they had stayed awake in church)
In the beginning, the world was formed from the void and the gods were formed from the earth. With their powers, they set about the world shaping it to their will. It is at this time, it is said, that the Gods made the Elves, Dwarves and the other Elder races to help and amuse themselves. In those days the Gods lived on the earth among their creations and there were many wonders.

In time Malikar (also known as The Destroyer, Defiler, The Black) grew jealous of the gods and their wondrous power. With his Demon hordes, he found a way to kill a God and steal its powers. Thus started the first God War. There was doom and destruction as the very stars fell from the sky. Through trickery and deception, Malikar gained much power. But the remaining Gods, few in number, banded together and were able to cast down the Black.

But the world now lain in ruin, most of the lands devastated. The remaining Gods began anew to rebuild their shattered world. It was then that they created Humans, Goblins, Halflings, and many other races, all to help restore the world. Tired and weary, the Gods retreated from this land, leaving it in the care of the elder races.

The younger races grew and flourished, spreading far across the lands. This age is often referred to as the Golden Age of Man, for the humans had spread across the land and built great cities and mighty empires. They truly seemed blessed by the Gods. But this peace was not to last, for the dark God Malikar had spread corruption and deceit throughout many of the greatest emperors, paving the way for the second God War.

The second God War brought terror and destruction to the world once more, though this time neither Malikar or the Gods dared to bring out their full power for fear of destroying the world utterly. Instead, great armies of their followers clashed with one another. The many great empires fell, and the lands of yore disappeared overnight. But the armies of the Destroyer marched on, enslaving all they came upon. The armies of good could just barely hold on. In their darkest hour, six heroes rose up and scattered the Dark God Malikon so that he should never return. Thus the world was saved.
Jakress (chaotic)
God of the Goblins. It is said that he fooled the Defiler in to thinking he had parishe in the sun, when he had really gone there to steal a little of it's power to help defeat him in the final battle of the first god war.  afterwards he tricked the other goods in to making a glorious land for his own people.
common through out the Goblin Kingdoms

Oskar (lawful good)
Creator of the Dwarf. A master smith, said to have forged the six great weapons of the six mighty heroes. A mighty protector of all this just and right.
common in the south, places like Kerst, Devonshon, and Loften

Ikar (neutral good)
Sister to Belas. Healer of the land. It is said she is the creator of many of the lesser races. A healer of the Gods.
law,good,protection,earth, healing, knowledge
Common in Basteen,  Kingdom of Ordrin and southern Jav

Belas (chaotic good)
Brother to Ikar. A mighty warrior. Said to be the general of the Gods. His mighty deeds felled many of Malikar's foul minions. It was he that struck the moon in two and rained down destruction on his enemies.
Common mostly in Basteen

Telas (good)
The just God. The Law giver. The friend. Fought side by side with Belas and Oskar to defeat the dark one in the first God war. It is said that he was the one to gather the six great heroes and set them on there path to victory. It was he that helped guide Ikar hand in the healing of the world.
all but:evil,death,chaos, destruction
Common in Jav, Ordrin and eastern Devonshon

Nature Worship (neutral)
Not every one knows of the stories of the Gods. Those that don't often pray to and worship the things they see around them. The sun, the moons, the plants and animals. But even they have a fear of the great evil.
earth, air, fire, water, plant, protection, animal, sun, magic
Common is wild and unsettled lands

L'leppahc N'ora (neutral good)
Lost God of the Adarack. It is he that struck the fatal blow to the Dark one and in doing so sacrificed him self to save the other gods. From his spirit it is said his children were born the Adarack people. They say that when they die the go back to him and in the end he will be reborn anew.
Common only in the Adarack Kindoms and Anking.

Malikar (chaotic evil)
The Destroyer, Defiler, The Black God. With his Demon hordes, he found a way to kill a God and steal its powers. Thus started the first God War. There was doom and destruction as the very stars fell from the sky. Through trickery and deception, Malikar gained much power. But the remaining Gods, tho few in number, banded together and were able to cast down the Black God.
air, chaos, death, destruction, evil, fire, strength, trickery, war

Kiress (lawful evil)
The God of lies, The serpent God, The seven headed beast. At first fooled the good God in to believing he was on there side but was truly one of Malikars faithful followers. A true master of ancient knowledge he is the creator of many foul best that torment the world to this day. He is the one that tempted half of the dragon to side with Malikar. Some how he seems to have avoided the fate of his other evil gods and his power is still great in the world.
animal, earth, evil, magic, knowledge, plant, protection, trickery

Hectate (evil)
The undead God. One of the true Gods to side with Malikar, He was struck down by Belas. But his will was so strong that he was able to find a way back from death. it is because of him that the would is pledged with undeath and ghost still haunt the living.
destruction, chaos, death, evil, luck, knowledge, travel, water

Sheelabi the Spider Queen (evil)
Though not a god outright, Sheelabi is one of the immortals. She is thought to have been present at the beginning of time. Sheelabi takes the form of a gigantic spider able to eat dragons as a normal spider eats flies. It is said she has spawned many evil races in her image, collectively known as the Children of Sheelabi. Though many have fought for The Dark One in the God Wars, they are in no way bound to him. It is not clear what has become of her; there is no mention of her in the Second God Wars, and no mention of her going with the gods when they left. Some fear she is still lurking on this world.

The Religons :

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