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What this site is NOT: 
1.)  A Satanic, Gothic, or Devil-worship cult 
(Mephisto is simply a professional stage name, with 
NO connections to Satanism, Demonology, Hex-casting, 
or the kidnapping and sacrifice of young blonde children);
2.)  An attempt to convert or tempt anyone to Mephisto's beliefs or life-style; 
3.)  A glorification of the life and luxuries enjoyed by fire-eaters, past, present, or future; 
4.)  A depiction of anything but true, unretouched photos and details of the life and times, 
trials and tribulations, of a Master of the exotic art of Fire Manipulation. 

-If you are still concerned as to the content of this site, and whether it may be an undue influence on you or your children,please click on the fires above to leave this site for something more decent and docile.

This site is being constructed for the information, education, and enlightenment of those who are serious about this art.

It is an ongoing project, and continues to be improved-on.

 Thank you for your understanding and patience....

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