Rayid was discovered by Denny Johnson in 1978.  It is a way of interpreting the patterns in the iris.  The main purpose of Rayid is to help make a person aware and to free you from any limitations associated with your personality.  Rayid is used to show you the aspects that are underdeveloped.

The structure of the iris reveals character traits, personality, and an individual's gifts and challenges which can help you to understand your behavior and relationship patterns.  It is like a fingerprint and is unique to each individual.  Rayid can also help you to understand the facets of yourself that you brought with you from past generations.

Rayid has four primary structures:

- stream (kinesthetic)
- flower (emotional)
- jewel (mental)
- shaker (extremist)

The iris of the eye is an individual blueprint of the energy exchanges which occur between the spiritual, mental, and physical dimensions for a particular person.  The four primary structures listed above are common to everyone.  We all learn to communicate in all four of these modes, although we tend to use one more than others.  The one that we use dominantly is the one that is linked to our iris type.

One of the goals of the Rayid Method is to get all four of these inner personalities operating simultaneously in such a way that there is a harmonic rhythm between them.  If one uses all four subpersonalities equally, they would experience wholeness and fullness of health.  The four personality types have different characteristic needs for nutritional healing programs, different forms of bodywork and other therapies, different types of affirmations, and different ways of gaining access to their unconscious.  The ultimate goal, however is always the same:  to balance the physical vehicle so that it can experience it's true nature.

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