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A Jordanian Arab 'Contrieng' (that somehow has no idea about history, that 1800's & 1900's attack on Jews by Arabism' nationalism' is long before any lame excuses connecting it to the M.E. conflict, or other gross misinformation trying to alter PEW's polling that shows anti Jewish racism among Jordanian Arabs, where 100% viewed ANY Jews unfavorably trying to charactorize it as 'anti-zionist-occupation') & a Turkish Muslim 'KhoiKhoi' (if Khoikhoi is a Kurd he should know better after Saddam's Arabist anti-Kurd genocide campaign or in light of Syrian anti-Kurdish policy then again, ISLAMIC [khoikhoi] BIGOTRY is strong and 'powerful' even in the west...) have been "objecting" the "relativity" of Arab racism (despite the overwhelming multiple reliable sources of the non-Arab groups victimized) in wikipedia's 'Pan-Arabism'.

The Arab Contrieng's "objection" is mainly against Arabism's anti-Jewish section, which is of course only reaffirming again Arab racism by staunch Pro-Arabism.

(There's also a bias tendency on some at the wikipedia "administrators" to believe the devious ways of terrible administrator: KhoiKhoi to let him block certain users under a cover of baseless "charge" of sockpuppet-ing, no, not when it comes to anti Jewish racist editors..., as of Sep. 24 2008, the Islamic bigot: Khoikhoi has managed to block many completely unrelated users under a guise that they are all "sockpuppets" when we all know that I distribute the info online for ALL to see and copy & paste it freely).

[Just when you were looking for evidence that Arabism & Islamism both forms of bigotry are intertwined.]

But we are glad that the more he censors us, more and more people come on on wikipedia regarding this case, besides, khokhoi's censorship has only caused for the evil of Arabism's racism to be spread around even more than ever.

(Note, all the info here is saved on various other pages).

Well, here we reiterate it again, I am the editor and I distribute it to others [free to use it] who might use wikipedia [figthing unfairness & bias].

Well, here are a few points about the undisputable connection.

Another important point, the POV push by some on wikipedia that Arabism is 'only' secular is totally wrong, historically or present, though not always is it 'religious' either, but there have been Islamism & Arabism connection since the beginning, and still going on today.


Pan-Arabism's anti-Jewish ideology

The champion of pan-Arabism Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser used the infamous anti-Semitic "protocols" libel in his war against Israel. [29], Both pan-Arabism and pan-Islamic ideologies looked to Hitler's Germany as a model Haj Amin al-Husseini expressed his admiration for the way 'the Germans have definitively solved the Jewish problem,' [30] & Gamal Abdel Nasser's affinity for the Mufti was great [31], Joachim Wurst describes the emergence and psychological mechanisms of modern anti-Semitism and particularly of genocidal Islamist anti-Semitism. He traces the development of this trend from the Muslim Brotherhood and the Mufti of Jerusalem in the 1930s and 1940s through the pan-Arabism of the 1950s and 1960s up to the present-day Islamism. [32].

1800's & 1920's.

The origin of anti-Jewish feelings among Arabs do not originate from what they preceive as 'the occupation of Palestine' and the creation of Israel. Even before the creation of the Israeli state in 1948 on what was before Palestine, a largely uninhabited terrain, many Jews were recorded attacked in various settlements by Arabs since the late 1800's [33].


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