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Name: Kehlbenn

Family of #The_Larl_Inn


Kehlbenn- Ubar of TLI
          MistressVella- Ubara of TLI
          Nicholi of Thents R/L FC and Husband to Aylan
          Sana`- Resident Healer and FC to Rhuark
          Aylan- R/L FC and Wife of Nicholi
          Kalida- Owner of #Silver-Plains-Tuchuk-Camp
          Jet`Black- Assassin
         Tasha^Nakama-bot of TLI

       Honored Keepers of #The_Larl_Inn              

Jake of Thentis
Dan`iore- Ubar of #Inn_Of_Four_Swords
             PhantomOp- Ubar of #Tavern_of_the_Moons
             Maria- Owner of #Gorean_Respite
             GreyCelt- Ubar of #RedDragon'sDen
             WindDancer-Ubar of #WindDancer's_Castle

Friends of #The_Larl_Inn

            JasonWolf-Metal Worker



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I am Kehlbenn of Thentis, Real Life Companion and Husband of MistressVella, Ubar of #The_Larl_Inn, and  Blood Brothers to Jake of Thentis and Nicholi of Thentis.
  I welcome A/all to My Home, but bear in mind that this is the Home of an Assassin, so please act accordingly, as there are no Safe Zones within the Main Room itself, but any and all actions MUST be sanctioned by Me.
  At the Entrence You will find Tasha^Nakama the Guardian of TLI, registry with Tasha is usually required to get voiced in the room, and is easier to welcome back visitors as Tasha remembers You.
   In the Main Room there of course is the Dias with 2 Chairs upon it, 1 for the Ubar and 1 for the Ubara, but rarely will
We be found upon the Dias as, We prefer to sit in and relax in
the furs with the rest of the

In the center of the room is the fire, well maintained as to give light and warmth to the Inn.  Spread about the room are comfortable furs for Guests and Keepers of the Inn, low tables are set around near each
fur for convience of setting food and drink upon.  Also off to the side there is a sand pit with a sturdy temwood pole set fimly into the ground where slaves dances and exibitions may be done and of course where slaves may be disiplined if the need arises.
Other rooms off the Main Room of TLI are #Vella's Parlour, where  A/any are safe from Harm and a place just to relax, the #TLI_Offices, where business meetings of different  kinds are held, and a door leading to the #TLI_Sparring_Ring, where sparring for fun, training and disputes may be setteled.   Keepers quarters are upstairs above the Main Room,
and alcoves of course are available throughout the Inn,
and Kennels for slave girls are
under the steps, which are well

maintained and lined with larl
pelts for warmth and comfort of any slaves using the kennels.