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Real Name: Christian Adler
DOB: April 17th
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 66kg
Nationality: German
Family: None living
House: Slytherin (1 year)
Year: Graduated
Blood: Halfblood, B
Associates: Brad Crawford (deceased), Jay O'Connor/Farfarello (7th, Gryffindor), Nagi Naoe (6th, Ravenclaw)
"Schuldig" is German for "guilty". Defiant against those in positions of authority, perhaps simply to be that one thorn in their side, he tends to ignore or get creative when ordered or commanded to do something....and this catches up to him, at times, when his maverick disregard for the rules gets in the way of his objectives, whether at school or work. His unknown past can be disconcerting for those wishing to possess some sort of 'upper hand', and the man is unpredictable. He'll prove everything you know of him wrong, and in five minutes prove it all right again.
He hails from Germany, a transfer from Rosenkreuz, a school for the magically 'gifted'...and an experiance he does not seem to show any fond feelings for. It has also been confirmed that Schuldig posesses a talent for Legilimency...and appears to be quite adept at wielding this mind-power to his advantage.

Schuldig shows the textbook traits of a sociopath. These being someone who is glib, manipulative and cunning; has a grandiose sense of self; an inability to see other people as 'real'; is a pathalogical liar; shows a lack of remorse, shame, or ironically guilt; has shallow emotions; a need for stimulation; displays callousness and a lack of empathy; and last but not least, has an impulsive nature.

Schuldig also has an aptitude for indiscriminate violence, and will employ it against anyone, be they man, woman, or child. The essential wrongness of this doesn't even ping off his moral radar - it's been turned off fo years. Violence against himself, however, he highly resents. In another bout of irony, however, it is rare for Schuldig to slay someone outright...he seems to prefer driving people to end their own lives.